IMnI Q3 2021 Webinar – Sept. 15

15 Sep 2021

  Exclusively for IMnI Members Theme: Manganese ore & alloy markets in the “new normal” era A word from the IMnI Chairman, Patrick Sacco, IMnI Chairman & Deputy CEO and Group Marketing…

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IMnI Q2 2021 Webinar – June 24

24 Jun 2021

  The theme of this Q2 event was “Manganese on the spotlight of the battery sector”. Speakers: Jack Bedder, Roskill – Latest forecasts on Manganese demand by the battery sector…

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2021 EPD Conference

31 May 2021

  The event took place in Yunnan, China on May 31 – June 1. To obtain a copy of the presentations, contact us at

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IMnI Q1 2021 Webinar – Feb. 25

25 Feb 2021

  Exclusively for IMnI Members Theme: 2021, a turning point for the Manganese industry ? A word from the IMnI Chairman, Esteban Rivero, Corporate Vice President of Autlán Latest developments…

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IMnI Q4 2020 Webinar – Oct. 20

20 Oct 2020

  Exclusively for IMnI Members Theme: How the Manganese industry evolved in 2020, and what comes next? A word from the IMnI Chairman, Esteban Rivero, Corporate Vice President of Autlán…

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2019 IMnI 45th Annual Conference

10 Jun 2019

Vienna, Austria 2019, June 10-12 IMnI’s 45th Annual Conference took place in Vienna on June 10-12, attracting 200+ delegates from 120 companies based in 34 countries. Structured around the theme…

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2019 China Banquet – Sunday, March 10

10 Mar 2019

IMnI will host a China Banquet on Sunday March 10, 2019 at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong. This event…

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IMnI Workshop in Inner Mongolia

9 Aug 2018

IMnI organized a 2-day technical workshop in Jining, Inner Mongolia, hosted by IMnI Chinese Member Chayouqianqi Mengfa Ferroalloy. August 8: visit of…

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2018 Annual Conference

18 Jun 2018

The International Manganese Institute (IMnI) held its Annual Conference on June 18-21, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was a great…

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IMnI 15th EPD Conference – March 16-17, 2018

16 Mar 2018

IMnl held its 15th EPD Conference on Friday, March 16 at the Ming Du Lakeside Hotel in Nanning, followed by…

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IMnI 2017 Annual Conference

5 Jun 2017

IMnI’s major event was in the US this year. The 43rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE took place from Monday, June 5 to…

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IMnI EPD Conference – March 20, 2017

20 Mar 2017

IMnI hosted its 14th EPD (Electrolytic Products Division) Conference in Changsha, China, on Monday, March 20th, with its 3 Chinese industry…

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2016: IMnI 42nd Annual Conference

1 Jun 2016

IMnI members can download all the PPTs presented at this conference, free of charge. Non-IMnI members can request a copy…

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IMnI 13th EPD Conference & 8th International Forum of Mn Electrolytic Products

19 Mar 2016

IMnI 13th EPD Conference was held at the the Ming Du Lakeside Hotel, Nanning on Saturday, 19th March, 2016.

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2015: Manganese OHES Showcase Symposium – Recent Advances in Health & Environmental Research on Mn

14 Oct 2015

Background The International Manganese Institute (IMnI) launched an ambitious 5-Year Plan in 2011 to cover scientific knowledge gaps regarding the…

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IFAPA International Ferroalloys Conference 2018

5 Sep 2018

IMnI partnered with IFAPA to organize the 2018 International Ferroalloys Conference in New Delhi on September 5-7, 2018. IMnI members can…

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