• Identifies and determines best report formats and practices
  • Standardizes units of measure for reporting metrics
  • Communicates statistical information ONLY to Market Research Manager who aggregates to protect members confidentiality. (No member to member statistics dialogue)
Statistics Committee Policy
Policy & Procedure Guidelines

Given the changes in the IMnI statistics service, and the way that the Statistics Committee has decided information and research will be provided, IMnI has updated its statistics policy. The information regarding confidentiality and aggregation from that policy constitutes the core of this updated version.

1. Gathering of Statistical Data


The three over-riding policy principles governing IMnI’s Statistics are vertical information flow, anonymity and aggregation (by the rule of 3), this last to be implemented when applicable.

All statistical data submitted by members to the IMnI, whether in response to IMnI production/inventory/capacity/consumption (invoiced sales) report forms or requests or otherwise remains confidential in the hands of the Market Research Manager and under no circumstances shall be passed on to any third party, including other IMnI members. Nor shall such data be published or distributed by the IMnI in any form which could identify the origin or originator of the data, with the exception of the Annual Market Research Report, which is produced on a country-by-country basis but is only released five months after the end of the previous calendar year.

No written or oral commentary shall be provided by the IMnI secretariat on any such submitted data to any third party, including IMnI members. No data shall be reviewed or commented on by any IMnI Committee or Committee member unless such data has first been aggregated and rendered anonymous in accordance with these Policy guidelines.

The IMnI secretariat shall refuse to answer any questions or enquiries from members regarding data submitted by any member other than to respond to questions asked by a specific member regarding that member’s own submitted data return and only with a view to rectifying errors or correcting omissions in respect thereof.

All data submitted by members shall be held in electronic form on a dedicated disc accessible only to accredited staff members of the IMnI secretariat. One back-up copy of the data shall be made and retained in a safe place under the care and control of the IMnI secretariat only. No copies of this information, in any form whatsoever, shall be passed on to any third party, including members of IMnI, by IMnI secretariat staff members.

IMnI Annual Market Research Reports will be made available to the general public with a 2-year lag. Such method or methods of publication (for example real time website publication) shall similarly be as agreed and directed by the IMnI Supervisory Board from time to time.


(I) Monthly Data

IMnI’s Monthly Statistics Report on Mn Ore (wet and Mn content) & Alloys shall include figures for production, consumption (real and apparent), capacities, and inventories:

  • Trade Data Matrix (publicly available country information – no aggregation)
  • Real Consumption
  • Apparent Consumption
  • Capacity and Capacity Utilization
  • Production, Supply-Demand Balance and Member Saleable Inventories
  • Unit consumption

Ordinary members shall provide the IMnI with their production, inventory, and invoiced sales by country figures, directly on the IMnI market research website (http://market-research.manganese.org/), along with production estimates for countries or regions where the Institute has no representation, if requested by the Market Research Manager. No member shall provide, nor be requested to provide, this information to any other member or indeed to any other party.

Production, Inventory and Capacity Analysis

The IMnI Market Research Manager will research available industry publications and other sources to verify production and capacity figures. Other international organizations and government agencies also contribute to the service, notably the Indian Bureau of Mines: these same guidelines and resultant protocols shall be applied in respect of the participation to those organizations and agencies accordingly.

Consumption Analysis

The IMnI Market Research Manager will analyse member sales data, publicly available trade data and public steel production data from Worldsteel to calculate apparent and real consumption for every country in the world.

Trade Data Analysis

Publicly available trade data will be examined and placed into a matrix report format. Since this information is publicly available and does not come from members, no aggregation is necessary.

(II) Annual data

IMnI’s Annual Statistics Report on Mn Ore (wet and Mn content) & Alloys shall include the same type of reports as in the monthly reports, yet presented by country, aggregated by year. Analysis will be conducted in the same manner as for the monthly data.

  • Trade Data Matrix (publicly available country information – no aggregation)
  • Real Consumption
  • Apparent Consumption
  • Capacity and Capacity Utilization
  • Production, Supply-Demand Balance and Member Saleable Inventories
  • Apparent Unit Consumption
  • Real Unit Consumption
  • Average grade (for Mn ore)

The figures in the Annual Statistics Report are to be published on a country-by-country and year-by-year basis.

2. Publication of Statistical Data

(I) Monthly data

In order to aggregate and render anonymous submitted data in accordance with an aggregation rule of 3, the Monthly Report shall be published by region (i.e. IMnI shall publish figures by country only where there are at least 3 producers operating). In accordance with the general policy parameters as stated above, IMnI shall apply this aggregation rule of 3 to all its Monthly Market Research Reports (with the exception of the trade data matrix which is made from publicly available information and will not to be aggregated.)

The aggregated monthly production, capacity, consumption, and inventory figures will be disclosed on the IMnI website with a 3-month delay. The figures will be aggregated by continent. The same data will be disclosed on IMnI online database (only accessible to Ordinary Members, who submit their data) on a country-by-country basis (without aggregation by region) and with a 6-month delay.


(II) Annual data

The annual IMnI statistical report shall be released by June 1 each year prior to the Annual Conference (for non-member purchasers July 31st), and shall present the data country-by-country, year-by-year.

The annual report will be made available to members on IMnI website in electronic format unless they request a hard copy.

Committee Chairman



Guillermo Recio is currently in charge of the Marketing Department at Autlán, where his responsibilities include market research. A Mexican, he joined the company in 2011 after earning a Master’s Degree in Social Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies at the University of Monterrey.

He has been serving as a Vice-Chairman of the Statistics Committee at the Mexican Iron and Steel Industry Chamber since 2013.

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Eramet Marketing Services


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