Safety is an important part of any business as it entails protecting your work force.  The goals of the Health, Safety and Environmental department of the International Manganese Institute also include fostering a safe and healthy working environment for its members. The Institute sees occupational safety as an important financial, legal and moral, aspect of any business.  All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees and any other persons who may be affected by the companies undertaking remain safe at all times. With this in mind, the IMnI covers this aspect of its HSE policy under the continuous improvement umbrella relying on knowledge-sharing and best practices initiatives.


The IMnI’s Fact Sheet series is a tool created to communicate complex scientific concepts and research in simple reader-friendly summaries, allowing company executives to grasp how current issues on safety are handled within the manganese industry.


Safety is normally driven by laws and regulations which happen to vary vastly in different parts of the world. The IMnI handles this complex but important part of HSE under the knowledge-sharing and best practices initiative. The IMnI, raised the bar on safety by launching a series of annual best practices workshops. These workshops are comprised of a 2-day lecture program and a one day technical tour which enables participants to see the issues highlighted during the lectures first hand. Attendees are normally those handling HSE issues within IMnI member companies; developed on every continent and bringing together a wide variety of technical, industrial, and scientific backgrounds, the workshops so far have been a resounding success.

Overview of yearly themes and summary reports:

Title Format Download
6th Workshop (November 2014): Sustainability & corporate responsibility Login
5th Workshop (April 2014): Traffic control strategies to reduce accidents in mines Login
4th Workshop (April 2013): Environmental Issues Login
3rd Workshop (March 2012): Workplace exposure based health concerns – Lecture Notes Login
2nd Workshop (May 2011): Handling Liquid Metal Hazards Login
1st Workshop (March 2010): Water Leak Detection Technologies Login