This section features Steel Production updated monthly, World Mn Projects as well as special reports  and papers prepared specifically by the IMnI for its members.


Title Date Format Download
Manganese Directory (database of Mn producers, traders, future projects etc.) 28 Feb 2023 Download
Zambia’s Manganese Industry: a game changer? 28 Feb 2023 Download
IMnI High Purity Mn Analysis 24 Feb 2023 Download
Demand forecast and market outlook for manganese cathode material for lithium batteries – CITIC 31 Oct 2022 Download
Maps of Mn producers 22 Sep 2022 Download
Crude Steel Production up to August 2022 31 Aug 2022 Download
Manganese in batteries 8 Jul 2022 Download
Special report: situation of Manganese alloy production in the CIS region (Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan) 18 Mar 2022 Download
2021 EMD Production Figures 14 Mar 2022 Download
Special Report: consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine 1 Mar 2022 Download