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Our wide array of publications and newsletters covering industry news, market research, regulatory activity and advances in science and technology relevant to Manganese to keep our members up-to-date with the latest information to better help them run their businesses.

China Statistics

China Weekly Statistics – Nov. 2424 Nov 2023Download

Weekly Reports

Weekly Report – Dec. 11 Dec 2023Download

Mn: The Global Picture - A Social Economic Assessment

MANGANESE The Global Picture – A Socio Economic Assesment20 May 2021Download
Mn Slag Socio Economic Assessment5 May 2021Download

HSE Newsletters

HSE Newsletter – November 202321 Nov 2023Download

Safety Data Sheets

Generic Safety Sheet SiMn SlagDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet SiMnDownload
Safety Data Sheet Sinter OreDownload
Generic Safety Sheet SiMn AlloyDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet Rhodochrosite OreDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet for Mn OxideDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet for Mn CarbonateDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet for FeMn AlloyDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet MnSO4Download
Generic Safety Data Sheet MnSDownload
Generic Safety Data Sheet for MnO2Download
Generic Safety Data Sheet MnNO3Download
Generic Safety Data Sheet for MnCl2Download
Generic Safety Data Sheet for Mn3O4Download
Safety Data Sheet Trimanganese TetraoxideDownload
Safety Data Sheet Manganese SulfideDownload
Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) and Pyrolusite ore. What’s the Difference?Download

Material Information Sheets

Material Information Sheet Mn Metal MassivesDownload

Annual Reviews

2022 Annual Review11 Jan 2023Download
2021 Annual Review17 Jan 2022Download
2020 Annual Review4 Jan 2021Download
2019 Annual Review – ENG3 Jan 2020Download
2019 Annual Review – CN2 Jan 2020Download
2018 Annual Review – ENG22 Feb 2019Download
2018 Annual Review – CN22 Feb 2019Download
2017 Annual Review – ENG22 Feb 2018Download
2017 Annual Review – CN22 Feb 2018Download

Regulatory Reports

Regulatory Affairs Newsletter – November 202320 Nov 2023Download
Q3 2023 Asia Regulatory Review26 Jun 2023Download
Mn Slag Regulatory Status Report5 May 2021Download