General Assembly Policy

As defined by the IMnI by-laws, the General Assembly membership consists of the Members of the Association. The Chairman of the Association shall preside over the General Assembly. General Assemblies shall be convened by the Chairman, or when requested by at least 1/5th of the members. A minimum of one General Assembly shall be held per year, at a place specified by the Chairman.


The General Assembly has the largest mandate and particularly is authorized to:

  • Approve the accounts
  • Approve the Annual Report
  • Appoint members to the Board
  • Set annual membership fees, upon proposals made by the Board, and conditions of payment
  • Amend the by-laws and pass resolutions concerning the winding up of the Association

Resolutions of the General Assembly shall be passed if at least half of the members are present or represented (quorum). Each member whose last paid annual membership fee matches the basic amount shall be entitled to one vote. Each member whose last paid annual membership fee is higher than the basic amount shall be entitled to a number of votes equal to his fee divided by the basic amount. Provided that all members in any one country may not exercise more votes than 35% of the total votes cast. Absent members shall be entitled to vote by proxy given to a member of the Association or to the representative of a member of the Association.


A member of the Association may appoint in writing, if signed by the member, a person or persons to act as his representative at any Meeting of the Association. The appointee shall exercise the same powers as those of the member. Nevertheless, only one representative shall be entitled to vote.

The notification appointing a proxy shall arrive at the Associations headquarters at least 48 hours before the Meeting at which the vote is to occur. No decision may be taken on matters that have not been included in the agenda, unless all members of the Association are present and consent. All resolutions concerning a change in the by-laws or the winding up of the Association must be approved by three quarters of the votes cast.