Market Research Report, an essential tool for IMnI Members


Because Market Research is a fundamental component of business strategy, the IMnI aims to provide its members with a robust system that combines Quantitative and Qualitative research based on the collection, analysis and interpretation of market data.

Our members provide us with our main source of information, and it is thanks to them that our market research tools are so accurate.

Manganese market research


To better understand the dynamic market conditions the manganese industry faces today, IMnI produces monthly and annual market research reports, available to members (by annual subscription). Public research reports are also available free of charge. The reports offer the industry’s best detailed regional and country-level analysis of the manganese ore and alloy markets, and how they relate to the steel industry. In addition, the reports provide analysis of production, consumption, trade data, inventory changes, and unit consumption for both manganese ore and alloys.

The IMnI also focusses on International trade and provides tools providing trade flows, import and export duties, as well as showcasing the most relevant Manganese projects around the world.