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The theme of this Q2 event was “Manganese on the spotlight of the battery sector”.


  • Jack Bedder, Roskill – Latest forecasts on Manganese demand by the battery sector
  • Madelein Todd, Manganese Metal Company (MMC) – MMC’s expansion plans and vision of the HP EMM market
  • Zhang Liangliang, South Manganese – High Purity Mn sulphate and high purity Mn metal production in China
  • Philippe Bertrand, Prince Minerals  Limited – The potential of high purity Mn sulphate for batteries
  • Marco Romero, Euro Manganese, Inc – Recycling Tailings in Europe: The Chvaletice Manganese Project
  • Aloys d’Harambure, IMnI – Latest developments and outlook for Mn ore production

A panel discussion on Manganese in batteries followed the individual presentations.

Complimentary – Exclusively for IMnI Members

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