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Theme: New developments for Manganese in Brazil and China

  1. A word from the IMnI Chairman, Patrick Sacco, IMnI Chairman, Ore & Metal Company
  2. Latest developments and outlook for the Mn alloy & Mn ore market, Aloys d’Harambure, IMnI
  3. China Manganese market overview and forecast, Jian Zhou, Fengri Trading
  4. Brazil at crossroads: recent and future developments in the Brazilian Manganese ore and alloys markets, Luis Pessoa, Maringa
  5. Manganese alloy production cost and market trends in 2022, Kevin Fowkes, AlloyConsult
  6. Panel discussion on Manganese with Kevin Fowkes (AlloyConsult), Luis Pessoa (Maringa), Jian Zhou (Fengri Trading) moderated by Aloys d’Harambure (IMnI)

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