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Thursday, Feb. 29 & Friday, March 1

Chengdu, China


The event was a success! It attracted 170+ delegates, including 15 non-Chinese participants.

The conference was followed by optional technical tours on Saturday, March 2 to Sichuan Zhongzhe New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Changhong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Topics covered:

(1) China’s macroeconomic

(2) Annual report of the EPD Conference

(3) The application of Manganese in the stainless steel industry

(4) Application research of manganese in the field of special steel

(6) Comprehensive report on the application of Manganese in the field of new energy materials

(7) Overseas new energy materials industry layout status, trends and policy research

(8) Global Manganese Ore Market Report (including China)

(9) Global battery industry development report

(10) Reports from representatives of automobile, new energy battery or energy storage enterprises


  • China Mining Federation Manganese Branch
  • Jingjin Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangsu Chenli Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shenyang Bangpin Trading Co., Ltd.
  • Sichuan Xunyi Technology Co., Ltd

IMnI 2024 EPD Conference 2