Bangalore, India

Tuesday, June 6 – to Friday, June 9

We are happy to confirm that the International Manganese Institute (IMnI) conference in Bangalore is scheduled from Tuesday, June 6 to Thursday, June 8 with optional technical visits on Friday, June 9

The preliminary program is below:


Registration will start soon. Stay tuned!


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AUTLÁN is a Mexican company engaged in several markets of MANGANESE and ENERGY, among other industrial sectors.  The company was founded in 1953 and has been recognized as a reliable supplier because of its high-quality products and commercial service.  Regarding manganese, Autlán is the largest producer of manganese ferroalloys in the Americas, the most important producer of manganese ore in North and Central America and one of the few producers of Alkaline EMD in the western world.  Autlán is focused on fulfilling the manganese needs from the steel industry as well as the specialized manganese requirements from the alkakine & dry battery, ceramic and micronutrient producers. The company owns three manganese mining units and three ferroalloy plants in Mexico, as well as an EMD plant in Spain.

  墨西哥Autlán公司成立于1953年,涉及锰,能源等工业部门。公司凭借优质产品和商业服务获得业内广泛认可,是市场上一家值得信赖的供应商。就锰而言,Autlán是美洲最大的锰铁合金生产商,是北美和中美洲最重要的锰矿生产商,也是西方世界为数不多的几个碱性二氧化锰生产商之一。Autlán 专注于满足钢铁行业的锰需求,以及碱性电池和干电池、陶瓷和微量营养素生产商对锰物质的特殊需求。 该公司在墨西哥拥有三个锰矿单元和三个铁合金工厂,以及在西班牙的一个二氧化锰工厂。