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Assmang – Black Rock Mine Operations

Assmang – Black Rock Mine Operations (BRMO) is one of two underground manganese ore mine operations in South Africa, mining both oxide and semi-carbonate ores.

Mining operations began in 1940, at the Black Rock hillock, and subsequently expanded to the Nchwaning mines and  Gloria mine in the Northern Cape. Gloria (commissioned in 1975) and producing medium grade semi-carbonate ore. Nchwaning 2 and Nchwaning 3 (commissioned in 1981 and 2004 respectively) and producing various grades of high grade oxide ore. BRMO is currently producing 4.2 million tons per annum, the majority of which is exported.

Assmang’s well-established cooperation with Transnet in terms of the railway and port networks, makes it one of the most distinguished exporters in the world. Cargo is predominantly railed to Port Elizabeth and Saldanha Bay for export.

IMnI visitors will see the following:

  • Underground mining operations of Nchwaning 3, part of the Nchwaning Mine
  • Underground mining operations of Gloria mine


Assmang – Black Rock 矿山运营(简称BRMO)是南非唯二两个地下锰矿山之一,该矿山出产氧化矿和半碳酸矿。

该矿开采始于1940年,最初在Black Rock区,然后逐步扩展至北开普省的Nchwaning矿山和Gloria矿山。Gloria矿山从1975年起开采,主要生产中等品位的的半碳酸矿。Nchwaning2期和Nchwaning3期分别从1981年和2004年起开采,生产不同等级的高品位氧化矿。BRMO目前年产402万吨,大部分用于出口。



  • Nchwaning矿区3期地下采矿运营
  • Gloria 矿山地下采矿运营