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Hira Electro Smelters Ltd

Hira Electro Smelters Ltd has an installed capacity to produce 40,000 mt per annum of Ferro manganese / silico manganese. It is strategically located near the Vishakapatnam port on the east coast of India.


It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hira Power and Steels Ltd, which has an installed capacity to produce 75000 mt of HC Ferro Manganese. Hira Power and Steels Ltd is also the largest producer of refined Ferro Manganse in india, with an installed capacity of 40,000 mts per annum along with a captive power plant of 23 MW.


It is part of the Hira Group of industries, having substantial manufacturing capacities producing DRI, steel, captive power generation and also captive iron ore mines.


Hira is an Ordinary Member of the International Manganese Institute.



Urla Industrial Area Near State Bank Urla Industrial Area, Durg, Chhattisgarh 491001, India