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Sarda Group just joined the IMnI!

By May 17, 2023September 14th, 2023No Comments

SARDA Group (India), introduce themselves as the leading Manganese Alloys (Silico Manganese/SiMn and Ferro Manganese / FeMn) producers from India, having world-class Ferro Alloys production facilities (2 plants) namely:

1. “Sarda Metals & Alloys Limited (Furnace capacity 36 MVA x 3)”
2. “Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited (Furnace capacity 9 MVA x 5)”

Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd. is the holding company of Sarda Metals & Alloys Ltd., it is listed on BSE & NSE. Both the units are backed with individual captive Power Plants of 80 MW each and have an installed capacity of melting more than 200,000 Mt of Manganese Alloys (various grades) per annum.


They are specialized in manufacturing the following grades of:
(a) HC SiMn (Grade 60/14; 65/15; 65/16 & Low Boron grades or as per our buyers’ requirement)
(b) HC FeMn (Grade 65%; 70%; 75%; 76% or as per our buyer’s requirement)



SARDA takes pride in its product quality and the timeliness of its delivery schedules. The manufacturing facilities of the company are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Both plants are equipped with a digital control system. The advanced microprocessor-based control allows for completely automated functioning, ensuring high-quality output. Strict metallurgical control is maintained at every stage of production, from receipt of raw materials to dispatch of finished products.

The Company has a dedicated Quality Assurance Department with a well-equipped laboratory and trained technicians to monitor the process and materials at different points.

Striving for Sustainability through technology & innovation is at the forefront of all endeavors at SARDA. Aiming to become the largest and most preferred manganese alloy producer in India with the least carbon footprint is driving them to continually challenge the status quo.



They are exporting the Silico Manganese (SiMn) and Ferro Manganese (FeMn), manufactured by them, to renowned end-users and intermediaries throughout the Globe, major markets being Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Middle East, Africa, Europe & South America and, additionally we also ship the material to Oceania.


Sarda Group