Global Picture for Socio Economic Assessment of Manganese

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This report presents the findings of the first global socio-economic assessment (SEA) on manganese (Mn). The study is based on a top-down analysis of the key supply chains for Mn, starting from Mn ore production, through Mn alloy production and focussing on the major downstream sector (the steel industry), as well as selected uses of Mn and Mn-containing products. It outlines the economic importance of Mn ore and alloys in terms of their direct and indirect economic value, as well as their effects on employment (jobs and wages). In compiling this report, we have utilised production and economic data relating to Mn and its use sectors, as well as a range of modelling tools and methodologies to assess, in economic terms, the criticality of Mn to the steel industry, based on the unique physico-chemical properties of Mn and the specific qualities that it imparts to particular steel products. As well as financial and economic benefits, there are also social, environmental and human health benefits associated with the use of Mn in its downstream applications. These benefits have been identified and monetised where possible (taking into account data availability) and the socioeconomic contribution of Mn at regional and national levels have been highlighted.