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Ningxia Shengyan Industry Group Energy Recycling Economy Co., Ltd.

Ningxia Shengyan Industry Group Energy Recycling Economy Co., Ltd. manufactures manganese products. The Company produces manganese alloys, manganese slag iron, high carbon ferromanganese, and other products. Ningxia Shengyan Industrial Group also operates import and export, logistics, and other businesses.


As a leading enterprise in China’s silicomanganese alloy industry, Ningxia Shengyan Group’s strong development has always followed the innovation-driven, ecological enterprise development policy for many years, and closely centered on the development of the main business of superiority “to be refined, to be excellent, to be strong” concept, comprehensively promote the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and lead the optimization and upgrading of the industry. Through the smooth advancement of the three-round development plan of traditional industry upgrading projects, product structure optimization and upgrading, and green manufacturing, the group company has formed unique competitive advantages such as acquisition of mineral resources, self-use of power generation, and combined transportation of roads and railways. Development of iron ore resources–manganese-rich slag–manganese-containing pig iron–silicon-manganese alloys–medium carbon ferromanganese–low micro-carbon alloys–energy power generation–railway transportation” integrates the whole industrial chain and a full range of products The circular economy production system has become a benchmark enterprise in the production of silicomanganese metallurgy with good product quality and good economic benefits in the national manganese alloy industry.


Ningxia Shengyan is an Ordinary Member of the International Manganese Institute (IMnI).


Ningxia Shengyan Group