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2023 Manganese REACH Conference

By September 3, 2023September 14th, 2023No Comments

Setpember 26-28, 2023

Brussels, Belgium


In the recent past, the Manganese Industry has received some worrisome concerns raised by ECHA as detailed in their Assessment of Regulatory Needs and Restriction Roadmap reports.

These reports highlight reproductive, neurotoxic (STOT), endocrine disruption and aquatic toxicity potential from the exposure of several Mn based substances.

To this end, the Manganese REACH Administration (MARA) is organising a Conference on September 26th- 28th in Brussels.

Speakers from the Manganese Industry, other Metal Consortia, European Metal Associations and Regulatory Experts will enlighten you on the short-term risks/threats on your businesses as well as your responsibilities under the Evaluation aspect of EU REACH.

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