The IMnI’s Factsheet series is a tool created to communicate complex scientific concepts and research in simple reader-friendly summaries, allowing the reader to grasp current human health issues facing the Manganese Industry.


Title Format Download
Occupational exposure limits: Criteria document for manganese and inorganic manganese compounds Login
Manganese Ore Characterization Project – Summary & Results Login
Update on OELs and towards a worldwide harmonization OEL for manganese and its inorganic compounds Login
Guidance for the collection of inhalable and respirable airborne manganese dust Login
Manganese in Groundwater: Research and potential risks Login
Assessing the potential terrestrial risks from manganese Login
Accounting for bioavailability in assessing potential aquatic risks from manganese Login
Bioavailability and the development of the Mn Biotic Ligand Models Login
The derivation of limit values for manganese and its compounds in freshwaters: data availability Login