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Manganese Metal Company (MMC)

Manganese Metal Company (MMC)

MMC produces the purest (99.9%) form of Manganese metal available in the world today. We are the world’s most experienced, largest, and most reliable supplier of selenium-free electrolytic manganese metal (EMM). We are a proudly South African owned company and one of only two EMM makers outside China.

Long-term supply relationships, high quality products and reliability of supply are pivotal to our success.  More than 90% of output is exported, with on-site container loading and an in-house logistics function.  MMC’s EMM in flake or powder format is sold into various high purity applications in the steel, aluminium, welding, and Li-ion battery industries.  Our customer base spans more than 100 customers in over 20 countries.

MMC is set for long term sustainability in terms of access to raw materials, process technology and ESG compliance, including a world class residue disposal facility.  The hydrometallurgical process includes ore milling, roasting, leaching, purification and electrowinning.  The plant is a unique, closed-loop continuous operation with the world’s largest series circuit EMM cell house.

A visit to MMC is an opportunity to see the production and residue facilities and obtain insight into the EMM market structure, a unique part of the global manganese industry.  MMC is a leading current supplier of pure Mn units into the growing Li-ion battery/EV space.


Address and contact:

15 Heyneke Street, Mbombela
PO Box 323, Mbombela, 1200, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)13 759 4600