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Vincent Braet

Vincent Braet works at Umicore as Purchase Manager for Manganese raw materials. Prior to his commercial role he has focused on the development and implementation of Cobalt and Nickel refinery projects within Umicore’s battery activities. Vincent holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the KU Leuven and obtained a Post-Graduate degree in Corporate Finance.

Umicore is a leading circular materials technology company with extensive expertise in the fields of material science, chemistry and metallurgy. Umicore is an innovation and technology leader in NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) cathode active materials, the key performing component in batteries determining safety, driving range, durability and carbon footprint.

During his session Vincent will outline Umicore’s battery materials technology portfolio with a focus on the increasing presence of Manganese in technologies like near-term zero Cobalt Nickel Manganese (NMx) and Manganese-rich technologies (HLM).