Rorie Wilson

Rorie obtained his Honours Degree in Economics (International Trade and Finance) in 2004.

After spending a year on a banking graduate programme, he joined the Standard Bank Group as part of the Investment banking and Investment Banking Coverage teams concentrating on Telecoms and Media across African and other emerging markets, with a key focus on M&A ,debt and financing options in various jurisdictions.

In 2010, he worked in London for Standard Bank Plc in Investment Banking Coverage.

In 2011, Rorie  joined Assore Limited (Assore) which is a mining holding company principally engaged in ventures involving base minerals and metals.

He was appointed a Director of Ore & Metal in 2014 and also an alternate director for Assmang and Cato Ridge Alloys.





2011年,Rorie加入了Assore 公司,Assore是一家矿业控股公司,主要从事基础矿物和金属投资。

他于2014年被任命为Ore&Metal公司总监,并担任Assmang和Cato Ridge Alloys的候补总监。