Maxime Vandersmissen

Maxime Vandersmissen is an Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company in Brussels

Maxime focuses on serving companies in the metals industries. Over the past 9 years he has led engagements in the Metals value chain, working in more than 15 countries across all continents

Maxime co-leads McKinsey’s Basic Materials practice in Europe, where he also co-leads McKinsey’s Digital in Metals service line.

Examples of recent work include

  • Leading multiple comprehensive operational transformation programs in the steel industry, incl. Asset footprint choices, technical improvement levers, labor productivity improvement and optimisation of raw material sourcing
  • Leading the digital transformation of several players in the metals industry, across multiple geographies, through the development of more than 100 digital use cases and the set-up of a Digital Academy
  • Developing raw material value-in-use optimization tools (scrap, iron ore, coal, alloys) for steelmaking groups around the world


Maxime holds a masters in Metallurgy and a bachelor’s in Chemical Technology and Materials Science, both from the University of Ghent, in Belgium.



  • 专注服务于金属行业公司。在过去的9年里,他负责金属行业产业链研究,工作涉及全球超过15个国家。
  • 协同领导麦肯锡欧洲基础金属实践项目,他同样负责麦肯锡在金属行业的数字化项目。


  • 领导多个钢铁行业运营改革项目,包括:钢铁生产的环境影响、技术提升、劳动生产率优化及原材料采购优化等
  • 领导金属行业不同区域内多家企业数字化转型,包括开发了100多项数字化运营案例以及设立了数字化学院。
  • 为全球多家钢铁企业开发了原材料使用价值优化工具(包括废渣、铁矿、煤矿、合金)


  • 马克西姆拥有比利时根特大学的冶金学硕士学位和化工与材料科学学士学位。