Bingbing Song

International Maritime Organization (IMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Mr Song is the Secretary for the Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC), which is the key international body, dealing with cargo related issues including solid bulk cargoes (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes (IMSBC) Code), bulk gas cargoes, dangerous goods, and containers. Mr Song is also dealing with maritime regulations related to alternative fuels, under the framework of the International Code of Safety for Ship Using Gases or Other Low-flashpoint Fuels (IGF Code), in particular with the implementation of IMO 2020 sulphur limit (1 January 2020 entry into force of the new global sulphur limit of 0.5 per cent for ships’ fuel oil).


国际海事组织(IMO)是联合国的一个专门机构。宋先生是其船舶集装箱运输委员会(CCC)秘书。该委员会是一个重要的国际机构,主要负责固体散装货物(《固体散装货物规则》)、气体散装货物、危险物品和集装箱相关议题。宋先生主要负责在《国际船舶使用燃气或低燃点燃油安全章程》(IGF)框架下与可替代燃料相关的海洋法规,特别是关于IMO 2020限硫令的执行(新规定要求自2020年1月1日起,全球船舶燃油含硫量下降至0.5%)。