Environmental Management of Manganese-Containing End Products in China


In recent years, the Chinese government has paid great attention to the resources and environmental issues arising from the country’s population growth and economic development, solid wastes falling under the scope of this attention. Looking up all the regulations directed to solid wastes published in China, it is found that they cover many aspects, from import to disposal and recycle od solid wastes.

As one of the important production elements in the alloying industry, manganese (Mn) is mainly used for production of ferromanganese (FeMn) and silicon-manganese (SiMn) alloys. But with the complexity of production process, there must be some Mn-containing end products, such as FeMn slags and SiMn slags. Some of these Mn-containing end products may have more than 20% of Mn. If we refer to the traditional solutions, they can be directly disposed of as waste, throwing into the slag fields. This makes the environment to be polluted and the resource containing Mn to be wasted. This report presents the results of the investigation on China’s management of the solid end products containing manganese as well as on critical downstream applications for such manganese containing end products existing in China, especially for FeMn slags and SiMn slags.