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South Manganese Group (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd.

South Manganese Group (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (referred as South Manganese International) acts as supply chain service provider based on manganese ore. South Manganese International is a joint venture, which is established by South Manganese Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shengchengyi Enterprise Management Center (limited partnership ) in Shanghai in July 2021, and the registered capital reaches to 90 million yuan. It’s also an important platform for enlarging and strengthening the supply chain and logistics business segment for the South Manganese Group.

South Manganese International’s shareholders are well-capitalized. South Manganese Group Co., Ltd (Stock Name : South Manganese, Stock Code: HK.01091), one of South Manganese International’s shareholders, is a large multinational group with business crossing mining, mineral processing and metallurgical manufacturing, as well as research and development of manganese products, and it is also the leading industry in manganese business. South Manganese Group was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong stock market On November 18, 2010, with rich manganese ore resources. It owns mineral resources areas from both domestic and overseas with leading mining capability in Asia, created a world-leading manganese industry chain and manganese products.

The managers of Shanghai Shengchenyi Enterprise Management Center (Limited Partnership) have been deeply engaged in the manganese industry for nearly 20 years. Their work on the supply and demand of the global manganese ore market are extensive, and have deep connections and long-term partnerships with the major manganese mine company around the world, and also have well established market channels with major domestic manganese alloy production enterprises.

Relying on the solid strength of shareholders’ deep accumulation in the manganese industry for decades and the resources from both domestic and overseas, as well as Shanghai’s unique regional advantages as an international trade and financial center, South Manganese International brings together its outstanding and talented team, through professional operation, focusing on the procurement of imported manganese ore and sales in the domestic market. It is committed to building a stable strategic cooperative relationship with manganese mines and major manganese alloy factories at home and abroad. South Manganese International continues to expand the upstream and downstream industrial chain, integrating the development of production and trade, and strives to provide customers with the best raw material and high-value services through the spot goods and futures business of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

South Manganese International will practice the product integration development strategy from raw to product of South Manganese Group, with the mission of “strengthening the scientific utilization of mineral resources and leading the new pattern of products circulation”, and strive to become the leader of international commodities logistics, create value for customers and society, and achieve mutual trust and benefit, win-win cooperation!


15th floor,southern building, Daduhe Rd.,Putuo District, Shanghai 200062, China


South Manganese Group (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. is an Affiliate Member of the International Manganese Institute.


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