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Nippon Denko Co. Ltd.

Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of ferroalloys and functional materials. It operates through the following segments: Ferroalloys Business, Functional Materials Business, Environment Business, Electric Power Business, and Others.

The Ferroalloys Business segment produces ferromanganese, silico-manganese, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon, ferrovanadium, and other special metal products. The Functional Materials Business segment provides ferroboron, metallic chromium and chromium carbide, zirconium oxide, and lithium-ion secondary batteries. The Environmental Business segment deals with chromic acid, boron, and nickel recovery systems as well as water business. The Electric Power Business supplies electrical power. The Other segment includes metal products, precious metal compounds, aluminum grains, electrode paste, measurement equipment, plastic, concrete waste processing, and hydropower supply. Nippon Denko was founded in October 1925 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Nippon Denko is an Ordinary Member of the International Manganese Institute (IMnI).


Nippon Denko