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Nexus Manganês SA

Nexus Ligas owns a complex that produces manganese ore and alloys in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company is part of VDL group, in which acquired by the end of 2021 Vale’s ferroalloys assets and the manganese ore mine that supplies the plants.

The ferroalloys plants are located in Barbacena and Ouro Preto, with a total capacity of 130,000 tonnes per year of Silico-manganese, High-carbon Ferromanganese and Medium-carbon Ferromanganese.

The manganese ore operation is located in Conselheiro Lafaiete, which has its production dedicated to the ferroalloy plants. Morro da Mina mine has a capacity of 163,000 tonnes of manganese ore production per year.


Nexus Ligas is an Ordinary Member of the International Manganese Institute.


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