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Manganese X Energy Corp.

Manganese X Energy Corp is a mining company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It was formed in 2016 with the mission of advancing its Battery Hill manganese mining project into production, thereby becoming the first active publicly-traded manganese company in Canada and the US to commercialize EV Compliant High Purity Manganese (HPMSM).

The Battery Hill Manganese mine, located in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada, is one of the largest  carbonate manganese mining deposits in North America.  It is strategically located 12 km from the US Maine border near existing power transmission lines, railways, and shipping channels.

Since the company’s inception, Manganese X has also been heavily vested in the manganese extraction and purification technology to produce HPMSM EV-compliant materials suitable for cathode manufacturing.


Manganese X is a member of the Chemical Products Division of the International Manganese Institute.


Manganese X Energy