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Managem Group

Managem Group is an international mining group with resolutely African roots, with a presence in 8 countries across the continent. Initially present in metals such as cobalt, copper and zinc, it has since diversified into precious metals, with silver and gold. Today, Managem employs 6,000 people of 22 nationalities in 13 mining operations and 22 industrial units, all on the African continent.


At Managem, we master the mining value chain, from exploration and extraction to processing and marketing. Our diverse portfolio of assets is carefully managed to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.


In Morocco, we are industry leaders, driving innovation and setting standards for excellence. Additionally, we are world-renowned for our Cobalt cathode production and are the top silver producer in Africa, with promising developments in Gold and Copper.


As the world transitions to cleaner energy, Managem is at the forefront, supplying essential metals for the energy transition while prioritizing sustainability and responsible practices. Managem holds a portfolio of metals essential for transition such as Cobalt production in Bou-Azzer, copper production in Tizert, rare earths mining project in the southern provinces of Twihinate and Lamlaga. Managem is also developing project to valorize Moroccan manganese ore into manganese sulfate to complete its product range for the EV and stationary batteries.


Managem Group is a Member of IMnI Chemical Products Division.


Managem Group