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Guangxi Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Hanse is an industrial and trade integrated enterprise, with two ferroalloy factories: Guangxi Guanyang Huaxing Smelting Co., LTD., Sunite Right Banner Huaxing Industrial Co., LTD., Guangxi Hanse Industrial Co., LTD., as its trading company, mainly engaged in ore and alloy trade. Guangxi Guanyang Huaxing Smelting Co., Ltd. was established in August 2010. It has 2 *16500kva furnaces, with an annual output of about 75,000 tons of silicon manganese. Sunite Youqi Huaxing Industrial Co., LTD., has 1*16500kva furnace, 1*25500kva furnace and 1*45000kva furnace, and a waste gas recycling power station. Annual output of 200,000 tons of silicon manganese.


Guangxi Hanse is an Ordinary Member of the International Manganese Institute.


Guangxi Hanse