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Global Sea Mineral Resources NV

Global Sea Mineral Resources NV  is the deep-sea exploratory division of the Belgian DEME Group NV.  Since 2012, GSR has been exploring the possibility of collecting seafloor polymetallic nodules that contain, on average, Ni (1.3%), Co (0.2%), Cu (1.2%) and Mn (27%). GSR has exclusive access to 3 exploration licenses for polymetallic nodules in the Pacific Ocean (Clarion-Clipperton Zone & Cook Islands EEZ).

GSR is a leading developer of nodule collection technology and has so far successfully conducted two ultra-deep water technology trials at 4,500 m water depth. In 2023, GSR received an investment from Transocean, a global leader in the offshore drilling industry and well known for its ultra-deepwater expertise. Transocean’s investment in GSR includes the contribution of an ultra-deepwater drilling vessel Olympia.

In January 2023, GSR celebrated its 10-year anniversary and a decade of deep ocean exploration, research and innovation, and is currently working towards a full-scale system integration test, utilizing its ultra-deepwater vessel Olympia. This trial is deemed a vital step in the technology development as GSR continues to responsibly explore the feasibility of commercial operations.



DEME (XBRU: DEME) is a leading contractor in the fields of offshore energy, environmental remediation, dredging and marine infrastructure. The company can build on more than 145 years of experience and is a front runner in innovation and new technologies. DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions for global challenges: a rising sea level, a growing population, the reduction of emissions, polluted rivers and soils and the scarcity of mineral resources. DEME can rely on about 5,000 highly skilled professionals and operates one of the largest and most technologically advanced fleets in the world.

Transocean (NYSE: RIG) is a leading international provider of offshore contract drilling services for oil and gas wells. Transocean specializes in technically demanding sectors of the global offshore drilling business with a particular focus on deepwater and harsh environment drilling services and operates the highest specification floating offshore drilling fleet in the world. Transocean, having over 100 years of experience in the offshore drilling industry, currently operates a fleet of 40 mobile offshore drilling units around the world and employs about 5,000 people.


Global Sea Mineral Resources NV is an Ordinary Member of the IMnI.


Global Sea Mineral Resources