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CPM Group LLC is a commodities research and consulting company headquartered in New York. The company was formed in 1986 by the management buyout of what was then the Commodities Research Group at J. Aron Goldman Sachs. CPM is known for its precious metals research and advisory work, specialty metals, commodities as an investment opportunity and asset class, and its expertise in financial engineering for commercial hedging and institutional investing.


CPM has been involved in manganese markets research and financial advisory work since at least 2010 and has been the group that has focused on high purity manganese products: EMM, MSM, EMD and, HPEMM, HPMSM. Its manganese expertise is used by tier-one chemical and mining companies, both listed and private and many smaller companies. CPM has analysts in New York, London, Beijing, Massachusetts, and Canada, as well as a network of cooperative relationships in China and South Africa.


CPM is an Affiliate Member of the International Manganese Institute.


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