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IMnI EPD Conference – March 20, 2017

Changsha, Shiji Jinyuan Hotel

2017, March 20

IMnI hosted its 14th EPD (Electrolytic Products Division) Conference in Changsha, China, on Monday, March 20th, with its 3 Chinese industry organizations partners and the help of CITIC Dameng and its CEO Li Weijian, IMnI Board member and Chairman of our EPD Division.  The event was a major success once again. It remains the premier global Mn Metal and Mn Dioxide Conference. There were 11 presentations followed by a lively open forum.

For those of you active in the Mn Metal and Mn Dioxide markets or in Mn ore production, we invite you to join us next year at our 15th edition, in Nanning (Guangxi Province) – exact date around end of March or early April to be announced later.

To obtain a copy of the presentations given at this event, please email us at