International Manganese Institute

The International Manganese Institute (IMnI) is a non-commercial association of the manganese industry grouping most of the world's manganese ore and alloy producers, electrolytic product manufacturers and traders.


IMnI has three categories of members

Service Objectives

IMnI provides its members with regular reports on the world manganese and steel industries and on press news. Reviews of the technical literature and publications on occupational health and environment matters, workplace guidelines with respect to occupational health and safety, statistical information on imports, exports, production, consumption and prices of manganese-containing commodities are regularly produced.


The members in general assembly appoint a management board to handle IMnI’s affairs and establish policy guidelines, and elect a chairman of this board for a two-year term of office. The day-to-day management of IMnI is delegated to a Secretary General, based in IMnI’s Paris office.

IMnI has an Occupational Health, Environmental and Safety Committee (OHES), a Statistics Committee and a Marketing and Communications Committee (MC), all actively working to constantly improve the Institute's services to members.


Every four years IMnI co-sponsors a symposium on the possible health hazards/risks of human exposure to manganese, thereby keeping members up to date with the latest scientific findings. IMnI Secretary General is the chairman of JEMIG, the Joint European Manganese Industry Group, which periodically brings together 7 associations/companies in Europe connected to the manganese industry, for discussions of topics of common interest to producers and users, and to take common action on regulatory proposals likely to affect the industry.

IMnI organises an annual conference and general meeting which gathers together all its members for two/three days of formal presentations on matters of common importance, such as environmental concerns, regulatory proposals, user industries, etc., and which also allows informal discussions between members. The conference is usually combined with technical visits to plants/mines in the host country.

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