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Kalon Resources Pte Ltd.

Noble Resources is a niche physical merchant of non-ferrous metals and concentrates. We leverage our experience, platforms and networks to source, transport, finance, process and market a range of refined metals and metals concentrates including copper, lead, zinc and nickel.


Through our subsidiary Kalon Resources, we also specialise in the purchasing, transportation, and sale of special ores such as chrome, manganese and iron ore, and technology metals such as tin, tungsten, niobium, tantalum and aluminium. Kalon Resources has a global footprint operating in Africa, the Americas, Central Asia, Europe, China, and the Far East. We work in close partnership with mining companies, mining communities, and mineral processing facilities, connecting them with industrial end-users and coordinating global logistics to achieve timely delivery.


Kalon Resources is an Affiliate Member of the International Manganese Institute.