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The International Manganese Institute (IMnI) is a non-profit industry association that represents manganese ore and alloy producers, manufacturers of manganese-based products, traders, industry service providers, companies using manganese to manufacture their products and universities and research organizations world-wide. Founded in 1975, with headquarters in Paris, France, IMnI aims to promote and support the development and use of manganese, facilitate the exchange and circulation of information, and encourage co-operation within the industry by providing its leaders with appropriate decision-making tools and an open forum to discuss issues of common concern.

About Our Market Research

To better understand the dynamic market conditions the manganese industry faces today, IMnI produces quarterly and annual market research reports, available to members and for purchase (by annual subscription). Public research reports are also available free of charge. The reports offer the industry's best detailed regional and country-level analysis of the manganese ore and alloy markets, and how they relate to the steel industry. In addition, the reports provide analysis of production, consumption, trade data, inventory changes, and unit consumption for both manganese ore and alloys.

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