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IMnI has three categories of members

  • Ordinary Members:
    "Ordinary" members are producers of manganese ore and/or alloys

  • Affiliate Members:
    "Affiliate" members are other manganese-related industries and traders

  • Electrolytic Products Division Members:
    In 1997, IMnI introduced a third division of membership, the "Electrolytic Products Division", open to companies manufacturing manganese-based electrolytic products.

Of the 21.8 million tonnes of manganese ore produced in the world in 2003, IMnI members accounted for 95% of high grade ore. IMnI members also accounted for 73% of the 8.9 million tonnes of manganese alloys produced world-wide (excluding China) in 2003.

IMnI - A World-Wide Membership

IMnI’s professional support staff is a small, motivated and effective team. But much of the value and the output of the Institute comes from the contributions made by personnel from member companies; approximately 85 staff from these companies participate regularly in IMnI’s Committees and Working Groups.

The 27 countries in which IMnI members operate (January 2004) are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China (and Hong Kong), France, Gabon, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, U.S.A.