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Committees: The three current Standing Committees of IMnI are the Occupational Health, Environmental & Safety Committee (OHES), the Statistics Committee and the Marketing & Communications Committee..

Through the work of its Committees, IMnI aims to give its members first-hand access to information on relevant developments within the manganese industry and other industries where manganese is an essential element (steel, battery …).

The Occupational Health, Environmental and Safety Committee (OHES) has two main objectives. First, it aims to provide medical, scientific and regulatory support for members, so that health and environmental issues are properly dealt with by the manganese industry. Second, it offers advocacy support for members to help them efficiently defend and promote their economic interests, particularly toward regulatory authorities. The Committee is presently driving the Manganese Health Research Program, a $1.4M US Government-funded program of scientific studies related to the effects of Mn on human health. The program is expected to continue over the next few years and expand into environmental research.

The Statistics Committee oversees the activities of IMnI's Market Research Analyst who compiles data on production, consumption and inventories as collected by member companies and national associations, differentiated by grade and products. This information is provided to all IMnI members on a quarterly basis, with an annual report made available in May of the following year. These statistics will soon be available to the public on the IMnI website in aggregate form and with some delay.

The Marketing & Communications Committee works at scouting for and encouraging new markets and uses for Mn and enhancing its public image. The Committee also aims to improve communication between members and create tools to attract new ones.

Annual Conference. IMnI's Annual Conference, held each year in June, brings together the heads of the world's major manganese enterprises for two-three days of meetings, presentations and panel discussions on matters of importance to the industry (market trends, environmental concerns, regulatory proposals…). One or two technical visits are also planned on this occasion. Approximately 100 CEO's and top executives of IMnI member companies attend. Potential members are invited to attend one Conference to meet the members of IMnI. In 2002, the Annual Conference was held in Shanghai, China, in 2003, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This year, it was held in Tokyo, Japan. In 2005, it will take place in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Meetings of the Board of Directors. The Institute and its work are governed by a Board of Directors which meets three times a year. Elected by the members, the Board is composed of up to 11 Directors. It is they who establish IMnI's policies, aims and programs. They also nominate the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen to form the Executive Committee, along with the Secretary General, who is appointed by this Committee.