Zhangjiajie, Hunan province - China

2019, March 7-8

IMnI hosted its 16th EPD (Electrolytic Products Division) Conference in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China, on Thursday, March 7th, with its 3 Chinese industry organizations partners and the help of CITIC Dameng.

The scope was expanded to include Mn chemicals other than electrolytic (Mn sulphate, trimanganese tetraoxide etc.), due to growing importance of Li-ion battery segment in the overall Mn market. The event was a major success once again, as it remains the premier global Mn Metal and Mn Dioxide Conference. The Conference was followed by a technical visit to two EMM plants: Hunan Orient Mining Company and Wuling Manganese plants.

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Overview of EMM Market -Li Weijian, Chairman of Electrolytic Products Division, IMnI Login
New technical equipment in the EMM industry - Tan Zhuzhong, General Manager of National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Metal Factory Managers Login
Application of Mn in new energy materials - Wang Deyu, Analyst & Doctoral supervisor of Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, CAS Login
Development of high purity MnSO4 & Its usage in batteries for electric vehicles - Peng Tianjian, Chairman of Guizhou Dalong Huicheng New Materials Login
The status of China local ore production under new environment policy - Zhan Haiqing, General Manager of National Friendship Association of Manganese ore mines Login
Build a Bridge for Joint Development - Qin Hui, CFO, Beihai Chengde Login
Overview of the EMD market and NCM materials - Tongqing, General Manager of National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide Factory Managers Login
A Booming Mn Ore Production - Aloys d’Harambure, IMnI Executive Director Login
Resource Recovery of Electrolytic Manganese Slag in Building Materials - Fang Jingrui, China Building Materials Academy Login