2015, June 16 to 18

IMnI’s 41st Annual Conference, which closed last week in Shanghai, attracted 154 delegates – down from last year but a respectable turnout given the challenges the industry is facing presently.    Quality was not down, though, with the speakers and the technical tours living up to our professional standards

Structured around the theme “China at the Crossroads: Into the Mouth of the Dragon”, main speakers included: Simon Baptist, Chief Economist for The Economist Intelligence Unit, who presented a helicopter view of the Global Economy: Movers, Shakers & Strugglers: Who Will Lead the World Tomorrow?;  James Kynge, Emerging Markets Editor Financial Times  & Author of “China Shakes the World: The Rise of a Hungry Nation” who looked back at what China had become (and would become) since he had spoken at the 2002 Annual Conference in Shanghai; Gao Xu, Chief Economist & Head of Economic Research at China Everbright Securities Co., Ltd., who presented China’s New Leadership Strategy & Economic Policies; Emmanuel Bonnaud, Senior Partner, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, who gave an overview on Global Steel and followed by Graeme Train, Associate Director, Macquarie Commodities Research, who looked at China’s Steel Industry: What Are the Drivers? And How Will the Overcapacity Problem be Solved?.  Tan Zhuzhong, President, National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Metal Factories; Xizhou Zhou, Senior Director & Head of China Energy, HIS; Jongsub Lee, Senior Vice President, Steel Business Division, POSCO; Oscar Tjakra, Senior VP, Freight Research, Oldendorff; Simon Collins, Head of Business Development, South32 Zhou Jian, Chairman of IMnI’s Statistics Committee (Vale); and Aloys d’Harambure, IMnI Market Research Manager rounded out the roster of speakers.

A panel discussion on How Will the New Mn Cycle Play Out? (effects of exchange rates on cost curves, energy constraints, environmental regulations, indexes, development of Exchanges…) – featuring Simon Collins, Head of Business Development, South32; Arnaud Tissidre, Vice President Marketing Mn Division, Eramet-Comilog; Alastair Stalker, Managing Director, Ore & Metal; Teruaki Ishiyama, Director & Senior Adviser, Nippon Denko; Cheng Bin, General Manager, Senior Engineer, Shanghai Jinneng International Trade Co., Ltd.; Bob Qiu, Chief Marketing Executive, Tianjin Hoperay Minerals Co. Ltd.; Serafino Capoferri, Editor, Mn Ore Cost Curve Service CRU and moderated by Anne Tremblay, IMnI’s Executive Director – was a first and much appreciated by the audience

The Conference ended with our traditional poll, which allows members of the audience to rate IMnI’s services and express their views on the steel and manganese industries and developing economic trends.  (Full poll results can be accessed on the IMnI website at: Polling Report

South32 sponsored the welcome cocktail, while Nippon Denko, Transalloys and United Manganese of Kalahari (UMK) sponsored the lunches.

The two days of technical tours organized just prior to the conference offered visits to Jinneng Alloy Operations — Fengyu Ferroalloy Co. Ltd. and to Jiaocheng Yiwang Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.

The PPT’s delivered during the conference can be found below.