EPD Division Policy

It is hereby incorporated, under the control and auspices of the International Manganese Institute, under the name of: The “Electrolytic Products Division” having duration equal to that of the parent organization.

The purpose of the Electrolytic Products Division (EPD) of the International Manganese Institute (IMnI) is to promote the general welfare of the current producers of electrolytic manganese metal and electrolytic manganese dioxide in the global market under the more general umbrella of the IMnI and engage in lawful activities to that end.

  • The EPD focuses the activities of the IMI on behalf of the global Manganese Industry to include the specific interests of those parties who are currently producers of electrolytic manganese metal and electrolytic manganese dioxide and may not be currently involved in the production, manufacture and commercialization of ore, bulk and refined manganese alloys.
  • EPD meets the interests and needs of this important, albeit substantially smaller, segment of the global Manganese Industry.  To that objective, the EPD will focus its attention on the collection, organizing and distribution of aggregated, historical trade data for the products of the membership.
  • EPD will also act as a forum for discussion of industry matters relating to the development and use of the products produced by the EPD membership.  It may, if appropriate, convene panel discussions, and ad hoc groups and symposia on the trends and issues, such as Occupational Health and the Environment, impacting this specific segment of the Manganese Industry.


Relationship to the International Manganese Institute
  • The EPD, being established as a subordinate division of the IMI, is governed by that association and subject to the bylaws of the IMnI.
  • These bylaws for the EPD are intended as an extension of the IMnI bylaws; and serve only to the purpose of elaborating on the activities of the EPD relative to its specific charter.
  • EPD initiatives are subject to the approval of the IMnI Council.  EPD members are expected to support IMI-relevant activities, e.g., among others, support of the IMnI actions on manganese health-related issues.

Members of the EPD shall have the status of Affiliate Membership in the IMnI unless:

  • they are already ordinary members in good standing of the IMnI; or,
  • are a subsidiary company, division or other unit of a company which is an ordinary member in good standing.

In which case, their membership status with IMnI prevails.

Eligibility for Membership
Any individual, partnership, corporation, division, or other unit of a corporation which is regularly engaged in the production of Electrolytic Manganese Metal, or Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide, from primary raw materials, and which sells regularly more than half of its total output of such products to others in the open market, shall be eligible to membership in the EPD.
Election of Applicants
An applicant for membership shall furnish information relative to its eligibility to the executive committee of the EPD.  The executive committee of the EPD shall, if the applicant is determined eligible for membership in the EPD, nominate the applicant to the Council of the IMI for membership in the IMI as an affiliate member.  Membership in the IMnI is subject to the Articles and Bylaws of the IMI and at the sole discretion of the Council of the IMnI.
Financial Obligations
Membership Fees and Assessments
EPD members will be assessed annual membership fees as fixed by the IMnI Council under the bylaws of the IMnI.
Other Obligations
EPD members may be invoiced for their share of costs related to the EPD activities as authorized under the bylaws of the EPD.  As members of IMnI, EPD members may be invoiced for their share of costs for IMnI activities as authorized under the IMnI bylaws.
Meetings of the Members
Annual Meeting
The annual meeting of all members of the EPD for the election of Officers and other purposes, shall be held in conjunction with the General Meeting of the IMnI.  Meeting logistics will be arranged in accordance with the IMnI bylaws.
Special Meetings
A special meeting of the full membership of the EPD may be called by the Chairman of the EPD at any time, and shall be called by the Chairman upon written request of one-fifth of the members of the EPD, to transact only such business as specified in such notice thereof.  At least thirty days written notice of any such special meeting shall be given to each member of the EPD.
A majority of the members of the EPD in good standing, present at a meeting of their duly authorized representatives, or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the EPD.
Each members in good standing of the EPD shall be entitled to one vote at any Annual or Special meeting of the members.
Nominating Committee
On or before January 15 of each year, the Chairman of the EPD shall appoint a nominating Committee consisting of at least three of its members, one of whom he shall designate as the chairman.  Its duty shall be to nominate at the next Annual Meeting of the EPD candidates for the elective offices on the Executive Committee of the EPD.  The nominations of this committee shall be included in the written notice of the Annual Meeting of the EPD.
Executive Committee

There shall be an executive committee of the EPD, consisting of the Chairman, the vice Chairman and the executive director of the IMnI.  The executive committee shall have and may exercise between meetings of the EPD all the powers and functions of the membership of the EPD on matters with respect to which prompt action is necessary or appropriate before the next succeeding meeting of the membership of the EPD, but, which do not involve matters of major or important EPD policy for which a Special Meeting shall be called.  The Chairman of the EPD shall be the Chairman of the executive committee.

The executive committee shall meet from time to time as it shall determine and after due notice.  Two members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the committee, and action may be taken by the affirmative vote of the majority of the committee.  All actions of the executive committee shall be recorded by the Chairman in minutes and circulated to the members of the EPD as promptly as possible.
Number, Election and Eligibility

The officers of the EPD shall consist of a Chairman, an elected Vice Chairman and an IMnI Advisor.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman shall hold office for a period of two annual meetings, or two years in the absence of an annual meeting, and until their respective successors are chosen and qualified.  No person shall be eligible for reelection to these offices for more than two consecutive years, but any person may be reelected to any such office after an interval o f one year.  Any office may be filled by the executive committee to be effective until the next annual meeting.

The Chairman is succeeded by the Vice Chairman at the end of his term.  The Vice Chairman is nominated by the nominating committee, and elected by the membership.

The executive director of the IMnI is an official member of the EPD executive committee and serves at the pleasure of the council of the IMnI.

Chairman of the Division
The Chairman of the EPD presides at all meetings of the EPD and the Executive Committee; shall be an ex officio member of all committees formed by the EPD; shall have general supervision of the EPD’s affairs and business under the direction of the executive committee and the IMI.
Vice Chairman of the Division
The Vice Chairman of the EPD shall have such powers and perform such duties as may be delegated to him by the Chairman of the EPD or prescribed by the executive committee.  In the absence or disability of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall perform his duties and exercise his powers.
Any elected officer of the EPD may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the EPD.
Statistical Reporting Program
Purpose and Required Features

The EPD may conduct a statistical reporting program for the purpose of providing reliable information in aggregated, historical form, to the Manganese Electrolytic Processing Industry on the state of the Industry during the preceding reporting period.

Any such program shall include the following features:
Collecting Agent
The program will be conducted by the Executive Director of the IMI or other independent person or agency (“the collecting agent”).
Only members of the EPD will be invited to participate in the program.
Submission of Data
Each participating member may be asked to submit each quarter to the collecting agent, on appropriate forms, confidential reports regarding Electrolytic Manganese Metal and/or Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide during the preceding period.  The historical data may be broken down as follows:  total shipments for the period, inventories at the beginning of the period, production for the period and capacity utilization, and other such data as may be approved by the members of the EPD.
Consolidation of Data
The collecting agent shall promptly consolidate the data so collected and furnish each reporting member with a report showing the combined totals of each product reported, but without any means of identifying the data of any individual reporting members.  In particular, the report will not include any data when there are less than three members reporting, or when only three members are reporting, one reported represents more than 70% of the total.
No comments, analysis, observations, recommendations, or data other than the consolidated figures themselves shall be included in the reports to the members, and in accordance with the EPD Antitrust Policy and Procedures, there shall be no discussions of such figures by representatives of the members at any EPD meeting or in connection with any other business of the EPD.
Confidentiality of Data to Outside Agencies
No person, except the collecting agent shall be permitted access to the data furnished by the members for inclusion in the reported statistics.  After the consolidation of the data submitted each period, the individual member reports will be destroyed.
Availability of Data to Outside Agencies
The consolidated periodic reports compiled by the collecting agent shall be restricted to the members of EPD and not be made available to outside agencies.  Except that the IMnI will be furnished a partial summarization for inclusion in the Annual Statistical Report and Trade Statistics.
These bylaws may be amended or repealed, in whole or in part, at any annual meeting or special meeting of the EPD by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present by their duly authorized representatives, provided that such proposed amendments or repeal shall have been set forth in the notice of such meeting and shall not conflict with any provision of the bylaws of the IMnI.