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IMnI Recruits new OHES Manager (February 2009)

2009 Apr 15

Dr. Doreen McGough has been recruited by IMnI as the new OHES Manager, in replacement of Dr. Louise Assem who left IMnI earlier this year. Doreen has a PhD in climate change and its effects on crop production from Nottingham University (UK). Before joining IMnI, Doreen, an environmental scientist, was a lecturer across a wide range of scientific subjects at Nottingham Trent University for 3 years. During her time there, she was also responsible for organising various research projects related to environmental issues and from this had two peer-review papers published in the scientific press. After acquiring substantial scientific knowledge in academia, Doreen moved to a Contracted Research Organisation in the UK, where she worked for over two years in the regulatory department assisting in the notification/registration of chemicals under the old EU scheme as well as under REACH and worldwide.

Doreens time will be split between REACH (75%), where she will be assisting Dr. Keven Harlow with the REACH Consortium, with particular focus on helping to oversee the testing programme and providing input on scientific aspects, and OHES (25%), where she will monitor and report on new developments in OHES issues and regulations and take forward and manage current and new OHES projects.

Doreen McGoughs e-mail: doreen.mcgough@manganese.org


2009 Apr 15

The OHES Committee has enlisted Hatch Consultancy to help build a Manganese Sustainability Strategy for the International Manganese Institute. Hatch have been asked to benchmark the IMnIs previous and current achievements in addressing health, safety, environment and community issues against other commodity organisations to identify areas where we are active, where action is needed and to enable us to identify leading commodity organisations and best practices to help IMnI improve. Hatch is also identifying opportunity and growth areas for manganese and up-coming global legislative developments which may impact the industry in the future.

The Manganese Sustainability Strategy provides a first step towards meeting the objectives laid out in the IMnIs 5 year plan and will provide a framework for the industry to move towards sustainable development.

A strategy workshop has been held in Paris on Monday 16th February 2009, where Hatch fedback their findings.

IMnI has released its 2007 Annual Review.

2009 Apr 15

The REACH Mn Consortium

2009 Apr 15

The REACH Mn consortium, a voluntary industry initiative, came into effect on 1 January 2008. The objective of the consortium is to collectively work to fulfil Members, or their EU-based representatives, obligations under the EUs REACH Regulation. The consortium now has 40 Members, covering a wide industry profile and some 15 Mn-based substances.

Pre-registration, the first milestone of REACH, has now closed (as of 1 December 2008) with around 5,200 individual pre-registrations being submitted to ECHA for the various Mn substances. The Mn consortium has prepared master specifications to assist with substance sameness discussions and is in a position to propose Lead Registrants to the various SIEFs for agreement. A comprehensive review of existing data was completed during 2008 and data gaps have been highlighted. Exposure scenario information gathering will start in early 2009.

All SIEF participants who are interested in joint registration are encouraged to contact the Mn consortium as soon as possible for more information and also to provide details of any relevant data that they may hold.

For further information on the REACH Mn consortium as well as help with the pre-SIEF and SIEF stages, please see www.mn-consortium.org or contact the Consortium Manager, Dr Keven Harlow, at mailto:reach@manganese.org.

A New Market Analyst for the IMnI

2007 Mar 01

After almost three years with the IMnI, Market Analyst Damien Francaviglia has decided to return to the United States and pursue his career there. December 15th will be his last day at the Institute. Thanks to his concerted efforts, IMnIs market research is considered today to be the best available on the Mn industry. IMnIs Board, Statistics Committee and staff wish Damien and his family all the best in their new pursuits.

Mark Camaj has joined IMnI as Market Analyst, replacing Damien Francaviglia. A US citizen married to a French woman, Mark holds degrees in Accounting, Finance and Economics, and is finishing an MBA in International Finance by correspondence. Before moving to Paris, he worked as a compensation analyst and, before that, as an accountant/auditor. He also spent a year working in Taipei. His wide skill set and outgoing personality make him ideal for the job.

You can write him at mark@manganese.org

IMnI's Asia Tour, China & India - September 12-18

2009 Sep 25

IMnI's Secretary General Anne Tremblay and Market Analyst Mark Camaj recently conducted an Asia tour, during which they participated in 4 events.  The overall aim of the tour was to reinforce Chinese and Indian membership and recruit new members in these two countries.


The EPD Division Workshop was held on Sunday, September 13 in Chongqing.  The date was chosen to coincide with a conference organized by the National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Metal Factory, Presided by Mr Tan Zhuzhong, and which was held the previous day.

Objective of the workshop: To Present IMnIs Value Proposition to the Major EMM Producers & EMD Producers and get their Feedback.  EPD Chairman Buks Botes (MMC) opened the meeting, with Vice-Chairman Li Weijian (CITIC Dameng) wrapping up.

There were 4 presentations: IMnIs SG & Market Analyst presented the Institutes Value Proposition; Johan Kriek (United Mn of Kalahari) talked about current demand and uses for Mn and then introduced his companys Mn mine; Ben Cohen (ConsMin Trade) gave an overview of his companys mines and products; and Madelein Todd (MMC) spoke about sharing best practice and use technology to comply with OHES regulations. 

Besides IMnI participants, representatives from 11 Chinese companies were in attendance.  IMnI had prepared a short (3 question) survey, which 8 companies filled in.  The results of the survey were used to launch the feedback session, which followed the presentations. Of note: 2 of the respondents said they would join the IMnI; 5 answered maybe and one no. 


The India Workshop and Lunch were held on Monday, September 14 in Mumbai.  The date was selected in conjunction with IFAPAs Annual Assembly, which took place the following day.

Objective: To Present IMnIs Value Proposition to Indian Members and Discuss How They Can Contribute to and Benefit from IMnIs Services.

The workshop was chaired by Marketing & Communications (M&C) Committee Chairman Peter Allen, and 6 of IMnIs 8 Indian members were represented.  

After the SG and Market Analyst presented an overview of IMnIs services and current projects, the meeting continued with an open discussion highlighting the needs and wishes of Indian members.

The discussion was extremely fruitful and the proposals made by the members from India will be discussed at the next Board meeting on November 8.


The Ore & Alloy Banquet Dinner was held on Wednesday, September 16 in Xi’an.  The dinner dovetailed with the conference organized by the CFAIA, where the Secretary General and Market Analyst presented a paper on the IMnI’s services and “value proposition”. 

Objective of the Banquet was: To Meet with China Members and Potential Members and Demonstrate the Close Link between Major Mn Ore Suppliers and the IMnI.

The event was chaired by M&C Committee Chair Peter Allen (ConsMin Trade) and short speeches were given by Statistics Committee Chair Branislav Klocok (Vale), Jaco Venter (Assmang), Seung-Jong Lee (Eramet) and M&C China Sub-Committee Chair Wang Feng (Minmetals). There were around 55 attendees, with delegates from 12 major Chinese companies.  It has become apparent that IMnI’s Banquet Dinner for Chinese members and “would-be members” has become an industry event in China.  The event incites potential members to join, as pressure from their peers, already members, grows each year.


Results to Date:  In the past week, IMnI has gained 2 new members as a direct result of the Asia Tour.  Furthermore, we have good reason to expect that another 4 companies met on the tour will also be seeing membership soon.




2009 May 25

The conference will open on Sunday, June 7th with the Welcome Cocktail and close on Tuesday, June 9th with a Desert Safari Dinner.


The Conference theme is: The Role of the Greater Middle East in the Global Steel Industry.  The main topics to be covered are:


  • What has the 2008 Financial Crisis Changed?
  • The Steel & Mn Industries in the Greater Middle East (GME)
  • Health, Safety & Environment Issues


A New Indian Member

2010 Apr 17

Hira Ferro Alloys Limited has joined the IMnI as an Ordinary member. Established in 1991, the company produces SiMn and FeMn and has its own captive electric power supply.

The company has appointed CEO, Mr. P.N. Khandelwal to represent it at the IMnI.

Hira Ferro Alloys Limited is IMnI’s 12th member from India.

Reminder to Delegates: IMnI's Annual Conference Poll

2010 Jul 30

The IMnI has been polling delegates of its 36th annual conference, which took place in Paris last month. Many of you may have already taken the 30-second poll, but the number of responses was lower than expected.

The conference is the premier Mn event and dedicated soley to our industry.

We need your feedback to ensure its continued success and improvement!

If you attended the conference and have not yet responded, please fill out the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7JPMJ8H

Do You Need Help Preparing Your REACH Submission? (update)

2010 Dec 15

...the IMnI can help its members register.

If you need real practical assistance in writing or finalising your dossier, or simply wish to have an independent review of all the documentation you have assembled, contact the IMnI.

With 10 lead registrant submissions (including mono-constituent, MCS and UVCB substances) PPORDS and Article 26 inquiries successfully completed, the experienced IMnI team is well placed to help you with your registration of manganese or other inorganic substances.


We can offer the following services to IMnI members:

1.     Prepare  Article 26 Inquiries

2.     Review an existing draft dossier prior to your submission (written comments and practical suggestions provided) or

3.     Complete the IUCLID 5 dossier based on information that you provide (an execution-only service bringing your dossier to a stage to pass the TCC tool prior to your submission).

4.     Provide you with a ready-to-submit dossier with guidance on submission to the ECHA


Service and fee (per substance dossier per legal entity registrant +VAT where applicable):





Fee for IMnI Members


Prepare Article 26 Inquiries





Checking/commenting on applicant’s completed IUCLID5 registration dossier(s).





Input of data into IUCLID5 where all data and information are provided by the applicant. The final deliverable is an exported IUCLID file that will be sent to the client.






Input of data into IUCLID 5 where all data and information are provided by the client plus dossier creation. The final deliverable is a registration dossier ready for submission to the ECHA plus one-to-one guidance on submission via REACH-IT.







These services are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you are interested please contact us below 

Dr Doreen McGough 
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 63 06 34

Dr Keven Harlow
Tel: +44 078 00 85 06 92

IMnI held its 8th EPD Conference on April 1st in Kunming - Presentations are now available

2011 Apr 15

IMnI hosted its 8th EPD (Electrolytic Products Division) Conference in Kunming, China on Friday, April 1, with its 4 Chinese industry organizations partners. The event was a major success once again, with close to 200 delegates in attendance. It is now the premier global Mn Metal and Mn Dioxide Conference. There were 12 excellent presentations followed by a Q&A open forum.

All presentations are now available on IMnI’s website. You can download them in both English and Chinese by following this link: Presentations - 8th EPD Conference Kunming

For those of you active in the Mn Metal and Dioxide markets, but previously unaware of this conference we invite you to join us next year at our 9th installment. If you have any questions, contact events@manganese.org

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