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All 10 REACH Dossiers Now Submitted to ECHA

The REACH Mn Consortium Secretariat, along with the nominated lead registrants, has successfully submitted 10 full registration dossiers to the ECHA.


The next steps are:

  • Issue LoA and security token to consortium Members/Only Representatives (from end July)
  • Provide, for a fee, access to the dossier (LoA) to all other SIEF participants (from August)


Some points to note for companies intending to register a substance(s):

  • You, or your Only Rep, will need a letter of access (LoA) from the consortium for each legal entity registrant and for each substance.
  • The IUCLID security token has a validity of 30 days. If you do not use it during this period another token can be easily generated.
  • You have until 30 November 2010 to complete your REACH registration; however, we would recommend you do so before the end of September.
  • For ferroalloys, you will need to obtain the LoA from the Fe and Si consortia if you have not already joined the respective consortium.
  • Remember, your registration will be rejected by the ECHA if you do not pay its invoice on time.

Please visit the REACH Mn Consortium website for all relevant information: http://www.mn-consortium.org/