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Metal Bulletin 29th Intl Ferro-Alloys Conference

2013 Nov 11

IMnI Chairman Arnaud Tissidre was the keynote speaker at the manganese session during the Metal Bulletin Ferro-alloys Conference in Barcelona last week.  In his presentation -- “2013-2014: a changing paradigm for the manganese industry?” -- the Senior VP Commercial for Eramet Comilog Manganese outlined the future drivers for our  industry.  Among his conclusions, he ventured that the mining industry will have to engage more in supporting the development of mining countries.


Other speakers included Vitali Postolenko of the National Centre for Global Market Research (DZI) who presented the “Ukrainian manganese market – does the industrystill have untapped potential?”; Dmitriy Nadtochiy, of Asia Minerals Limited, the “New Generation of Manganese Producers”; Inaki Villanueva of Metal Bulletin, “MB’s Manganese Ore Index Methodology and Results”; Alberto Saavedra of IMnI, “Overview of the World Manganese Industry”.

MnI’s Executive Director Anne Tremblay moderated the session, which attracted close to 100 attendees.

China Statistics Committee Holds 1st Meeting in Shanghai

2013 Oct 29

IMnI launched its new China Statistics Committee on October 29 in Shanghai. The aim of the committee is to bring increased transparency, knowledge and additional market information to the Chinese Mn industry. While the committee will discuss issues relevant to local members, it will also benefit all IMnI members by increasing their understanding of what is going on in the Chinese market.

Cheng Bin, General Manager of Shanghai Jinneng, was elected Chairman of China Stats  and Zhou Jian of Comilog Far East Development Ltd., Vice-Chair.

IMnI Statistics Committee Chairman Arnaud Vigier was on hand to open the meeting; along with Market Research Manager Alberto Saavedra and Executive Director Anne Tremblay.  The 17 other participants represented Chinese member companies and foreign members operating in China.  Going forward, the working language will be Mandarin. 

Among the action items coming out of this 1st meeting was the decision to invite Metal Bulletin to an upcoming one to explain how Mn ore index it has developed works.

This 1st meeting was hosted by Comilog Far East Development and the next, slated for January 8, will be hosted by Shaghai Jinneng.

IMnI’s LCA Near Ready and Already Proving Answers

2013 Oct 18

The IMnI’s Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) project which was launched in 2011 is nearing completion – December 31st 2013.  This ‘cradle-to-gate’ study of manganese alloy production including mining of manganese ores, sintering and smelting of the ores and associated off-site upstream/downstream processes (such as consumables production, transportation and power production) is the first of its kind for the manganese industry. Using actual data from 17 different member company sites, covering every continent, the dataset is currently being modelled using a system called GABI (ISO certified).


 Preliminary results already provide useful information for our industry:


Data availability: A comprehensive, accurate and globally representative process and environmental data are now available

Communication: First results can be used as a scientific basis for communicating the impacts of the manganese industry to external stakeholders


Continuous improvement: Aspects of efficiency within the mining & alloying process can be shared amongst members to improve the environmental management systems within companies.


Mines and Money London 2013 December 1 – 5 - Business Design Centre, Islington

2013 Oct 18

Mines and Money London is Europe’s leading mining investment and capital raising conference and exhibition, bringing together over 3,000 investors, financiers, brokers and mining developers, for five days of business matching, knowledge sharing and deal-making.

With 260 mining companies on display, the world’s leading natural resources fund managers in attendance, and a packed programme of keynotes, market analysis, company presentations, panels and workshops, Mines and Money London 2013 is designed to reinvigorate the industry, with fresh investment and capital raising ideas and opportunities. 

As a member of the Manganese Institute, you’re entitled to a 10% discount off your delegate pass. Visit www.minesandmoney.com/london/mi to download the programme and find out how to claim your discount.

IMnI Shows Mn Not Reprotoxic at International Symposium

2013 Sep 27

The IMnI presented a poster titled Manganese: A reprotoxicant or not? at the 9th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Envrionmental Health  (ISBM 2013) in Manchester, UK . The 3-day symposium (9th – 11th September) hosted some 130 attendees, 67 speakers and 45 researchers who showcased in the poster session.  Out of the 45 posters, 5 focused on Manganese specifically and 2 more related to work involving Mn interacting with other metallic elements. 

The study summarized in IMnI’s poster, which was prepared and presented by the Institute’s OHES Manager Dr Doreen McGough,   aimed at ending the rumour that manganese can be a reprotoxicant. Rats were dosed with manganese chloride for 6 hours per day for 9 weeks and allowed to mate.  Gestation, birth and pups’ health were all monitored. The conclusion: Manganese is NOT a reprotoxicant. However, because the present data is limited in the number of models used and the duration of exposure, a longer more robust study is now being undertaken by IMnI’s Worker Safety Program – 1st results look promising.

China and Korea Tours

2013 Sep 13

Executive Director Anne Tremblay was in China this week where she met with many of IMnI’s current members to better understand their needs and expectations as well as to strengthen collaboration with them. She was also preparing the launch of a new China Statistics Committee, which will have its kick-off meeting on October 29 in Shanghai, and setting the groundwork for next year’s EPD Conference in Guiyang (Guizhou Province), March 28-29.  The tour concluded with a new company joining the Institute: CREC Material Co. Ltd. 

Meanwhile, Regulatory Affairs Manager Keven Harlow was attending a conference on K-REACH in Seoul and meeting with South Korean members. 

A full article on these tours will be published in our next edition of Manganese Matters.

K-REACH: Changing the Face of the Mn Business in South Korea

2013 Aug 27

South Korea’s National Assembly this spring adopted the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals Act, known as K-REACH. This new Act makes it clear that Korean-based importers and producers will have to pass a tougher hurdle in terms of informing local authorities of their activities and providing the data both to the authorities and supply chains. 

K-REACH will require more capacity building and financial investment by local industry. With K-REACH starting in 2015 both large and small companies are advised to  start preparing now to understand the new regulation, assess internal readiness and adjust their business plans to ensure there is a smooth transition from compliance with Korea’s existing law (the Toxic Chemicals Control Act or TCCA) to K-REACH. Those already involved with EU-REACH will have an advantage as it is likely that EU-REACH data will be acceptable for compliance in S. Korea. 

IMnI’s Regulatory Affairs Manager Keven Harlow was in South Korea last week learning more about the new regulation at the ChemCon Asia meeting.  He also met with South Korean members SIMPAC, Dongbu and POS-HiMetal.

A Regulatory News Bulletin will soon be issued with more details regarding K-REACH.

IMnI Set to Launch China Statistics Committee

2013 Aug 27

IMnI Executive Director Anne Tremblay was in China earlier this month to meet with members there in view of launching the new China Statistics Committee, to work alongside the regular Statistics Committee.

The goal for setting up a China Stats Committee is primarily twofold. Firstly, to allow IMnI to better understand the Chinese market. This it can only do with the contribution of the Chinese members and those non-Chinese members who have specific knowledge about China.

Secondly, to have Chinese members participate in the improvement of IMnI’s Statistics Service. For example, helping the Institute determine what new reports are worth developing.

The 1st meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 29th and will be hosted by Eramet-Comilog at their Shanghai, Pudong offices.

Statistics Committee Chairman Arnaud Vigier will be at this 1st kick-off meeting, along with IMnI’s Market Research Manager Alberto Saavedra.  So far 11 IMnI Chinese members and members with strong bases in China have agreed to participate. 

During her China tour, Anne Tremblay also met with EPD Division Chairman Li Weijian and his team at CITIC Dameng in Nanning to start organizing the 2014 EPD Conference, slated to take place in Guiyang (Guizhou Province) next March 28-29.   

IMnI’s REACH Consortium sees first Evaluation from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

2013 Aug 15

The EU- REACH regulation requires the submission of a technical dossier for each substance on the EU market. For the Manganese REACH Consortium, most of its dossiers were Registered – the ‘R’ in REACH – in 2010. Now the Evaluation stage – the ‘E’ in REACH – is in full swing and the ECHA has selected one of our dossiers for Evaluation. The dossier in question is for silicomanganese slags, which is an unclassified substance. 

Evaluation means that ECHA and the EU Member States examine the quality of the registration dossier and any testing proposals (specifically those tests involving vertebrate animals) and clarify if a given substance constitutes a risk to human health or the environment. 

Evaluation under REACH focuses on three different areas:

       1. Examination of testing proposals submitted

       2. Compliance check of the registered dossier

       3. Substance evaluation 

Once the evaluation is done, the registrant may be required to submit further information on the substance in a time period specified by ECHA. Failure to do so may mean that the right to market the substance is withdrawn.

Through a Compliance Check (step 2 above), ECHA has challenged the rationale used by the Mn Consortium to waiver, or avoid certain animal tests. The time to respond to an Evaluation notice is very short at typically 10 to 30 calendar days. A formal process ensues whereby a committee of Member States must unanimously agree on a final decision; if not, the decision is made by the European Commission.

This is a test case for the Mn Consortium as well as for the metals’ industry. The consortium’s Secretariat is rigorously defending its position on waiving these tests and is in the process of responding to ECHA’s draft decision. The whole process should be resolved, hopefully in favour of the consortium, by the end of this year. 

This said, the consortium has submitted 13 substance dossiers, and this is the first Evaluation notice received for any of these.

New OHES Newsletter

2013 Aug 01

The IMnI has published its first OHES Newsletter – dated July 2013. . . The letter feeds back on the progress made since the launching of the OHES 5-Year Plan in 2011. It highlights important milestones achieved as well as IMnI’s collaboration with six different consultants covering every aspect of health, environment and safety.

A common message, in this edition – significant progress has been made every year since 2011 and up to now.

2014 IMnI Annual Conference

2013 Jul 12


IMnI’s 2014 Annual conference, its 40th edition, will take place in Cape Town, in either late May or early June

Exact dates, details and hotel venue will be confirmed soon.

Special Discount for Metal Bulletin Conferences

2013 Jun 28

IMnl has negotiated a 15% discount* for its members to attend Metal Bulletin's two upcoming ferro-alloy conferences.


The first conference is the 6th South African Ferro-Alloys Conference in Johannesburg, on the 19th-20th of September. The conference will offer important insights into Mn developments in Africa, along with networking opportunities.


The second is the 29th International Ferro-Alloys Conference in Barcelona, running  from the 10th-12th of November. Well-established as an annual meet for the metals and mining industries, the conference will once again host a large number of global players.


To take advantage of our discount simply email marketing@metalbulletin.com or quote IMnl to the hotline team on +44 (0) 20 7779 7222 when registering.


*Applied to first two delegates from named company only. Not applicable to existing discounted registrations.

IMnI issues Position Statement for use with

2013 Jun 28

The IMnI continues to closely monitor changes to international shipping codes for solid bulk cargoes such as ores and alloys. In December 2012, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Keven Harlow, issued a detailed report entitled Classification Information and Tools for Compliance, which is available to download here.


To support this, the IMnI recently issued a Position Statement that is more user-friendly for shipping companies and ships’ Masters. Downloadable here this Position statement can be used as by your shipping department as independent, supporting information.


The box below summarises some key points from these shipping code changes.



What’s New? From 1 January 2013 the residue of harmful cargoes can no longer be discharged into the sea (as was common practice). Instead, such residue must only be discharged to port facilities (pumping to barges or direct to holding tanks at the port).


Why? The International Maritime Organization (IMO) updated its codes (regulations) aimed at reducing pollution by shipping. Shippers must now classify all solid bulk cargoes, like ores and alloys, according to a specified set of criteria.


What’s changed? Assessment of solid bulk cargoes against specified criteria must be made using the UN-GHS (Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling). The vessel’s Master and authorities at loading/unloading ports must be informed of the cargo’s status according to these criteria.


Next steps? During a two-year transition period to 1 January 2015, self-classification is acceptable. Information available from the IMnI allows you to do this for Mn ores and alloys.




New Chairman & Officers Elected at General Assembly

2013 Jun 21

IMnI members elected Eramet’s Arnaud Tissidre as their new Chairman on June 6 at the Annual Conference in Istanbul.   Arnaud succeeds OM Holding’s Peter Toth, who had served since 2010.    Also elected were Pedro Larrea (Ferroatlantica) as Vice-Chairman, replacing Tom Schutte (BHP Billiton) and Ruan van Schalkwyk (Glencore) as Treasurer, replacing outgoing Treasurer Lion Kirkels (Sibelco).

The General Assembly also adopted a new set of By-Laws, which had been adapted to incorporate the Institute’s new organizational structure and voting process.

IMnI 39th Annual Conference: A Success

2013 Jun 21

With over 170 participants, IMnI’s 39th Annual Conference, which took place in Istanbul June 4-6, was the second most successful ever (after Paris in 2010) with regards to numbers.  And had it not been for a few last minute cancellations, due to the local events, it would have beaten the Paris record! 

The conference featured some world class speakers, including Turkish economist and TV personality Asaf Savas Akat, who addressed the question of Turkey’s pivotal position between East and West, international entrepreneur Robert Yuksel Yildirim who tackled Turkey’s growth story driven by the mining and steel sectors, and Robert Ward of the Economist Intelligence Unit, who regaled the audience once again with news of the CIVETS

Other speakers of note included Dr Nae Hee Han, Director of Economic Affairs and Chief Economist for Worldsteel, who spoke on the future of the global steel industry,   D.R.S. Chaudhary, India’s Secretary of Steel, who provided an outlook on his country’s steel industry and JIA Lianqun, Vice President & Chief Analyst of MySteel who addressed China’s economy and steel market. Rounding out the picture was Duncan Hobbs of Macquarie Securities with his assessment of the trends and opportunities affecting the manganese industry worldwide.

For the 3rd year running, the conference featured the popular session on New Projects, with this year’s module highlighting: OM Holdings’ Sarawak project, Tshipi’s Borwa Mine, Kudumane Mn Resources’ South African mine, Transnet’s Coega Port Mn Terminal and ChinaLight Resources’ ACH/Meltakrom Mn Ore Mine in Turkey.  Through a live poll, the award for Best Presentation went to OMH’s CEO Peter Toth.

The poll also permitted members of the audience to rate IMnI’s services and express their views on the steel and manganese industries and developing economic trends.  (Full poll results can be accessed on the IMnI website at: Polling Report)

IPM Commodities sponsored the welcome cocktail, and Mineração Buritirama and Nippon Denko each sponsored a lunch. 

The conference came to a close with the traditional banquet dinner at Ulus 29, one of Istanbul’s finest restaurants with a spectacular view of the Bosphorus.  The evening was co-sponsored by IMnI member Ronly Alloys and Sfera, a new company marketing Ukrainian ferro-alloys into Turkey.

The following day a large number of delegates visited ChinaLight’s ACH/Metalkrom Mn Ore Mine in Istanbul province. The mine not only produces Mn, but also boasts a big reserve of construction sand, coal and Bentonite in different layers. After visiting the mine, guests enjoyed lunch while being entertained by Turkish dancers. 

IMnI Present at Metal Expert Conference

2013 May 29

Regulatory Affairs & REACH Consortium Manager Keven Harlow represented IMnI at the recent Metal Expert Conference held in Vienna. The conference presented analyses on ferroalloy volumes and forecasts in Turkey, Europe, Russia and Ukraine as well as an overview and discussion on the on-going economic and regulatory trends that are affecting trade in these countries and on a global scale.

At the dedicated Mn ore and Mn alloy session, Dr Harlow presented an update of regulations worldwide and specifically the major overhaul of systems in China and South Korea as well as the implications of the recent changes to the maritime shipping of bulk cargoes. After the session, Dr Harlow fielded questions on IMO shipping codes, K-REACH and regulations in Turkey.  

  Presentations from this event will be available in early June. If you wish to receive them, please contact Keven Harlow directly at: Kharlow@manganese.org

IMnI held its 40th OHES Workshop from April 23 to 25 in Nanning

2013 Apr 28

The 4th OHES Workshop, which took place in Nanning, China, April 23-25, attracted over 50 participants coming from 4 continents – making it the most widely to date.  The workshop brought together experts from industry, research centres, and government bodies along with scientists from various disciplines.  On day one, speakers described first-hand how to become more energy efficient, the advantages of clean production, new solid waste management strategies, and changes in global regulations. Day two highlighted a talk on how to design and implement an effective emissions reduction system, the importance of freeze lining technology and the advantages of measuring exposure in the workplace. Demonstrations by manufacturers on how to assemble, use and clean air sampling devices for measuring inhalable and respirable particle sizes in the workplace provided practical, hands-on information to plant managers and H&S personnel in attendance. During the Q&A sessions participants were enthusiastic, engaging in exciting interactive learning and sharing discussions.

To cap off the workshop, a technical visit to CITIC Dameng’s open pit mine and the EMM and EMD smelters demonstrated the advances made in China and the continuous need to improve on environmental sustainability globally. 

The workshop was jointly hosted by Chinese members SKI Shanghai, Minmetals, CITIC Dameng, along with Eramet Comilog and IMnI.  It was prepared by OHES Manager Doreen McGough with the help of Greater China Representative Yinong Shen.

Presentations in both English and Chinese can be downloaded at:

IMnI 4th OHES Workshop - Presentations


Metal Bulletin 14th Asian Ferro-Alloy Conference

2013 Apr 15

IMnI again took part in Metal Bulletin’s Asian Ferro-Alloy Conference held in Hong Kong, March 26-28.  Executive Director Anne Tremblay chaired the Mn panel, which featured presentations by Chairman Peter Toth (OMH), Seung Jong Lee (Eramet Comilog Asia), Fei Lei (China Minmetals Corp), and Market Research Manager Alberto Saavedra.

Their presentations can be found on our website, along with a few others we found particularly interesting.  Follow the link below

14th Asian Ferro-Alloys Conference 2013

IMnI 6th Annual China Banquet held in Hong Kong

2013 Apr 15

IMnI’s Annual China Banquet Dinner took place in Hong Kong on Monday, March 25, piggy-backing on Metal Bulletin’s 14th Asian Ferro-Alloys Conference. Some 65 members and potential members were in attendance.

The evening was hosted by IMnI members: Asia Minerals, BHP Billiton, Eramet Comilog Manganese, Glencore, Minera Autlan, OM Holdings, Ore & Metal Company, United Manganese of Kalahari (UMK) and Vale who were all represented.

The evening began with IMnI’s Market Research Manager Alberto Saavedra giving an overview of the Mn industry, followed by a presentation on China’s Steel industry by JIA Lianqun, VP & Chief Analyst of MySteel.  Chairman Peter Toth welcomed the guests and encouraged them to attend the upcoming Annual Conference in Istanbul – the Mn industry’s premier event.

IMnI held its 10th EPD Conference on April 1st in Changsha - Presentations are now available

2013 Apr 15

IMnI hosted its 10th EPD (Electrolytic Products Division) Conference in Changsha, China on Monday, April 1, with its 4 Chinese industry organizations partners and the help of CITIC Dameng and its CEO Li Weijian, the head of IMnI’s EPD Division.  The event was a major success once again, with some 170 delegates in attendance. It is now the premier global Mn Metal and Mn Dioxide Conference. There were 8 presentations followed by a Q&A open forum.

All presentations are now available on IMnI’s website. You can download them in both English and Chinese by following this link: IMnI 10th EPD Conference - Presentations

For those of you active in the Mn Metal and Dioxide markets, but previously unaware of this conference we invite you to join us next year at our 11th edition. If you have any questions, contact events@manganese.org

IMnI has released its 2012 Annual Review

2013 Feb 01

IMnI's latest Annual Review highlighting our industry in 2012 is now available at: http://www.manganese.org/about_imni/annual_reviews

IMnI Shows Mn Not Reprotoxic at International Symposium

2013 Jan 27

The IMnI presented a poster titled Manganese: A reprotoxicant or not? at the 9th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Envrionmental Health  (ISBM 2013) in Manchester, UK . The 3-day symposium (9th – 11th September) hosted some 130 attendees, 67 speakers and 45 researchers who showcased in the poster session.  Out of the 45 posters, 5 focused on Manganese specifically and 2 more related to work involving Mn interacting with other metallic elements.


The study summarized in IMnI’s poster, which was prepared and presented by the Institute’s OHES Manager Dr Doreen McGough,   aimed at ending the rumour that manganese can be a reprotoxicant. Rats were dosed with manganese chloride for 6 hours per day for 9 weeks and allowed to mate.  Gestation, birth and pups’ health were all monitored. The conclusion: Manganese is NOT a reprotoxicant. However, because the present data is limited in the number of models used and the duration of exposure, a longer more robust study is now being undertaken by IMnI’s Worker Safety Program – 1st results look promising.


To see the full version of the poster, please click here




A New Market Research Manager for IMnI

2013 Jan 16

The International Manganese Institute (IMnI) has hired a new Market Research Manager to replace Mark Camaj, who is leaving after a 6-year run to join Consolidated Minerals in Jersey.


Alberto Saavedra comes to us from Mexican manganese ore and ferroalloy producer Minera Autlan, where he was responsible for the company’s market research.  When at Autlan, he was a member of IMnI’s Statistics Committee.  He also was instrumental in helping us organize last year’s Annual Conference in Cancun.


Alberto holds a Master’s Degree in Evaluation and Project Management from the Universidad Panamericana, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a diploma in international trade.

Regulations Effecting Shipments of Ores & Alloys

2012 Dec 12

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has recently updated its transport Codes aimed at reducing pollution by shipping. If your cargo is harmful to the marine environment then there are a number of steps that you must take. The Code changes are effective from 1 January 2013.

The IMnI has developed guidance to provisional classification for shippers of Mn ores and ferroalloys (FeMn and SiMn).

Please contact our Regulatory Affairs Manager, Dr Keven Harlow, if assistance is needed: kharlow@manganese.org

Discount for IMnI Members at Metal Bulletin Ferro-Alloy Conferences

2012 Sep 03

IMnl has negotiated a 15% discount for both Metal Bulletin's upcoming ferro-alloy conferences.

The first conference is its 5th South African Ferro-alloys Conference in Johannesburg from 5th-7th of September 2012. The conference will offer important insights into Mn developments in Africa, along with networking opportunities. Brochure. 

The second is its International Ferro-alloys Conference in Berlin, running from the 11th-13th of November 2012. Well established as an annual meet for the metals and mining industries, the conference will host an ever-increasing number of global players once again this year. Brochure.

To take advantage of our discount simply email marketing@metalbulletin.com or quote IMnl to the hotline team on +44 (0) 20 7779 7222 when registering.

IMnI Market Research Manager visits China

2012 Aug 15

Market Research Manager Mark Camaj recently took part in a weeklong road trip of China. Accompanied by IMnI’s Chief Representative Officer Greater China Yinong Shen, he visited members in Shanghai and Beijing, held meetings with research institutions such as Mysteel and Shanghai Metals Market (SMM) and gave a presentation on the Mn industry at Mysteel’s Ferroalloy Conference on August 10 in Tianjin.

The trip was a success in terms of:

  • Gaining deeper insights into China’s economy, steel & Mn industries
  • Building a network with credible research bodies
  • Strengthening IMnI’s brand at conferences
  • Collecting members’ feedback on IMnI services

In order to continue to improve upon our market intelligence and remain on top of developments in this important market, IMnI plans to make the market research road trip an annual event.

IMnI's 38th Annual Conference a major success

2012 Jul 12

With 170 registered participants (and 18 accompanying persons), IMnI’s 38th Annual Conference, held in Cancun June 12-14,came close to beating the all-time attendance record set at the Paris Conference in 2010.

Hosted by Minera Autlan, Vale and Erachem Comilog Mexico, the event united a line-up of brilliant speakers, an update on junior mining companies, which have recently come on stream, and a live poll, where participants reacted to questions on the global economy, the manganese industry and the IMnI.

Once again, our Annual Conference lived up to its reputation as the premier Mn-dedicated global event.

All 19 presentations are available on IMnI’s website. You can download them in both English and Chinese by following this link: IMnI 2012 Annual Conference - Presentations

Next year’s conference will take place in Istanbul in June (exact dates to follow soon).

If you have any questions regarding past or future events, please contact us at events@manganese.org

General Assembly Adopts Restructuring Proposal

2012 Jun 29

At the General Assembly, held in Cancun earlier this month, members unanimously adopted the new Restructuring Proposal for the Institute.

The new structure introduces a number of important changes to the way the IMnI functions, both on the executive and managerial levels. It aims to streamline governance, ensure overall member representation and better equip us to face and respond to upcoming challenges.

Changes include:

The “Board” becomes the “Supervisory Board” (SB) with an increased number of seats, growing from 11 to 15, so as to appropriately represent the full breadth and width of the industry. The four standing members are: the Chair, the Vice-Chair, the Treasurer and the Executive Director – these last two were not on the previous Board. The Supervisory Board is mandated by the General Assembly to set and oversee the execution of the strategic direction of the Institute. It includes both Ordinary and Affiliate Members and will meet twice a year.

The Executive Board (EB) enlarges the present Executive Committee (ExCo) to create a small and execution-focused subset of the SB, mandated to “manage and supervise” the affairs of the Institute. There are 7 members in total: the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Executive Director and the Chairs of the Statistics, OHES and Marketing & Communications Committees. It will meet four times a year.

Affiliate Members are granted the same rights and responsibilities as Ordinary Members in terms of voting rights and the right to hold executive office.

Voting Rights are based on a member company’s size and are calculated as follows:

Ordinary Members whose production is equal or above 800Kt/y   = 3 votes

Ordinary Members whose production is under 800Kt/y                = 2 votes

Affiliate Members & EPD Members                                             = 1 vote

Some title changes for IMnI Staff, notably:

The Secretary General becomes the Executive Director

The Market Analyst becomes the Market Research Manager

The General Assembly renewed its confidence in the present Chairman and Board members for one year, who now joined the new Supervisory Board. Three companies were put up for the two new Supervisory Board seats: Chinese EMM producer CITIC Dameng, Indian ore producer MOIL and UK commodity trading house Ronly Limited. All three companies are long-standing IMnI members, active on committees and will be represented by their most senior executive. The election will take place by a round-robin e-mail vote to begin next week. With the exception of the 2 newly-elected members, the Treasurer and the Executive Director, the current 11 members of the Supervisory Board will all be up for re-election at next year’s General Assembly.

The list of the Supervisory Board members will be published once the election is concluded.

Other news about IMnI Annual Conference in Cancun will appear in the next edition.

IMnI's 3rd Health and Safety Workshop - A Major Success

2012 Mar 15

As part of the IMnI’s on-going campaign to raise the bar on health and safety in our industry, the IMnI organized its 3rd Safety Workshop focusing mainly on health issues in Johannesburg (February 28 – March 2, 2012). Jointly hosted by Ore & Metal Company and Samancor Manganese, the workshop was a decided success with 37 delegates, representing 19 different companies and 4 different continents.

The three-day workshop covered:

A one-day seminar, which focused on the following issues:

  1. Defining & diagnosing occupational disease accurately
  2. Identifying areas and tasks with high workplace exposure, along with strategies for minimizing exposure
  3. How best to work together as a responsible and sustainable industry to understand and educate workers and communities on potential risks

In addition, participants visited a mine and a manganese smelter, where policies for ensuring worker safety, controlling dust emissions and reducing exposure wre highlighted.

To view presentations please click here (will be made available shortly).

IMnI 3rd Health & Safety Workshop -- LAST CALL!

2012 Jan 30

As part of the IMnI’s ongoing campaign to raise the bar on health and safety in the Mn industry, we are proud to announce our 3rd Health & Safety Workshop.

The Workshop will take place in Johannesburg, February 29 – March 2, 2012. Jointly hosted by Ore & Metal Company and Samancor Mn, it will largely focus on health issues.

To date, over 25 participants have registered, representing 4 different continents and 14 major companies.

Draft program and registration form are available at: IMnI 3rd Health & Safety Workshop

IMnI will hold its 9th EPD China Conference & 4th Int'l Forum of Mn Electrolytic Products 2012 on Sat., March 31 in Nanning

2012 Jan 30

IMnI’s 9th EPD Conference and Int’l Forum is the major global event for Electroytic Mn Metal & Mn Dioxide producers. Over 95% of the world’s Mn metal is produced in China, and most major players will be in attendance. 

So if you trade or buy Mn metal, or are an ore supplier to China, you should mark your calendar and join us in Nanning on March 31st.

Held jointly with our four major China partners:

  1. National Committee of Manganese Industry Technology (NCMIT)
  2. National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Metal
  3. National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide
  4. Hunan Jiufeng Metal Exchange

The event attracts over 200 delegates and top class speakers.

Do not miss out! Register now!

For program (see next page) and registration form, please click this link or visit our website:http://manganese.org/events/upcoming_imni_events

News on Worldwide Regulations Affecting Manganese (Update)

2011 Dec 19


ASIA (China, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan & India)

There are several regulations in China that affect the manufacture and use of chemicals. The Regulation on the safe management of hazardous chemicals (existing chemicals) came into force in December 2011, replacing the 2002 version. Existing substances are listed in an inventory/catalogue and are defined as “hazardous chemicals” when they are considered to be highly toxic, corrosive, explosive, flammable or harmful to human health or the environment. The catalogue contains the following manganese based substances: manganese metal, manganese iodate, calcium silico-manganese, resin acids manganese and manganese nitrate.

China’s Global Harmonised System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling stipulates that companies cannot sell hazardous chemicals without a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and a chemical safety label. These must be prepared in accordance with national standards. Although China GHS applies to all chemicals, it is currently believed that only hazardous chemicals that do not comply with national MSDS and labelling standards will incur a fine. The new GHS legislation in China came into application on May 1st, 2011, although the months running up until December 1st, was deemed to be a ‘transitional period’, and no penalties were issued. Labelling of chemicals in line with China GHS is similar to the labelling requirements in the UN GHS 1st edition but differs slightly from the EU Classification Labelling and Packaging Regulation (EU CLP).

The following manganese based substances are not found in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances produced or imported in China (IECSC), hence are regulated by China REACH which came into force in 2010: SiMn slag, FeMn slag and Sinter Ore.

On the 9th August 2011, the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) of China released a revised version of the Measures for the Administration of Operating Licenses for Hazardous Chemicals (THE MEASURES) for public consultation. The regulation came into force on December 15, 2011.

The Japanese Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) was subject to major amendment in 2009 and came into force in two phases during 2010 and 2011. The amendment was made to harmonise with regulations in other countries or communities such as the EU Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH). Moving forward, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and the Japanese competent authorities recently announced that they will enhance technical cooperation and the exchange of views on regulatory tasks – published 2011.

Under this new amendment, manganese (as an element) and its compounds are listed as Class I designated Chemical Substances under the Japanese regulation (Transfer Registerand Promotion of Chemical Management (PRTR)) – these are substances for which manufacture and importation are strictly restricted. This means that an annual environmental release should be reported to the competent authority using the PRTR System and an MSDS is required.

Although the proposal for a ‘REACH-like’ legislation in South Korea was released in February 2010 and is currently under discussion it will only come into force in 2013 or 2014. Therefore, the legislation in place - the Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TCCA) is still in force. In September 2011, substances were added to the TCCA observational and toxic chemicals lists. No manganese-based substances were added to these lists.

Classification labelling and packaging in accordance with GHS is mandatory in South Korea. For substances the deadline is 1st July 2011, for mixtures 1st July 2013. Since 1st July 2011 it is now mandatory for companies to use GHS classifications provided for Toxic chemicals under TCCA for labelling and in MSDSs. However, no manganese-based substances are listed as toxic chemicals or observational chemicals.

Taiwan is introducing a system of new chemicals notification, through amendments to the Labour Safety and Health Act (LSHA) and the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA). The amendments still need to be approved formally. An inventory of existing chemicals is under development with a publication date scheduled for the end of 2011.

India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests published a draft legislation called Hazardous Substances (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) Rules, 2011 in July of this year. The rules detail the responsibilities and procedures for supply chains handling hazardous substances. These are described as “any substance or preparation, which by reason of its chemical or physico-chemical properties or handling, is liable to cause harm to human beings, or other living creatures, plants, micro-organisms, property or the environment”.

North America (Mexico, Canada, USA)

In Mexico’s 2011 official Chemical Gazette, Mexico became the first NAFTA country to adopt the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling. The standard allows companies to use the GHS on a voluntarily basis as a way of complying with the existing mandatory standard for classification, labelling and safety data sheets in the workplace, while at the same time meeting the GHS requirements of countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

In Canada, new substances need to be notified so that they can be assessed for their risk to human health or the environment before manufacture or import into the country. New substances are considered to be those that are not on Canada’s Domestic Substance List (DSL).

Existing substances on the DSL have undergone a categorisation process, conducted by the Government of Canada. This year, Environment Canada carried out a “categorisation process”. Categorisation is based on level and type of toxicity to the environment and human health. Four of the manganese substances listed on the DSL are categorised, all of them on the basis of human health criteria and not the environment. These substances are manganese, manganese oxide, manganese dioxide and manganese sulphide. FeMn Slag, SiMn slag and Sinter Ore though not listed on the DSL are listed on the Non-Domestic Substance List (NDSL).

The United States Environment Protection Agency (US EPA) has proposed (November 2011) amendments to the national emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants from Ferroalloy production. These proposed amendments include revisions to particulate matter standards for electric arc furnaces, metal oxygen refining processes, and crushing and screening operations.

Furthermore, the amendment expands and revises the requirements to control fugitive emissions from furnace operations and casting. Other proposed requirements related to testing, monitoring, notification, recordkeeping, and reporting are included.

South America (Brazil)

In South America, initiatives are being developed to increase cooperation between South American countries in order to increase the competitiveness of their chemical industry worldwide.

Brazil adopted the Globally Harmonised System of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) in 2009 and is now aiming to develop a regional strategy for GHS implementation in the MERCOSUR countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) and Chile.

In May 2011 the Ministry of Labour and Employment revised Health and Safety Labour Standard Number 26 to adopt GHS classification, labelling and safety data sheets. The Brazilian technical standard concerned with GHS is currently based on the first edition of the GHS, but is expected to be revised to align with the GHS 3rd edition. There has been no further update post May 2011.

European Union (all 27 countries)

Presently, the Commission is working on the development of a proposal for the revision of the European Waste list that aims at determining whether a waste is listed as hazardous or not. It also intends to align the hazardous property criteria with the EU Classification Labelling and Packaging Regulation.

Over the past months the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has published several Registration Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) guidance documents. Of interest to the Mn industry is the NEW guidance on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) published on the 8th September 2011.

The EU Scientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits (SCOEL) published a recommendation for occupational exposure limits for manganese and its inorganic compounds (0.2mg/m3 inhalable and 0.05mg/m3 respirable) in the second half of the year. As next steps, the SCOEL recommendation has to be discussed and agreed within the EU Commission Tripartite Committee before it can become part of a new Directive. 

Other Europe (Turkey, Switzerland)

In Turkey the Inventory and Control of Chemicals (CICR) came into force on 1st January 2009. This scheme requires the notification of all new and existing substances >1 tpa. The deadline for registration was extended to 2010 and then to 31st March 2011. There has been no further update to this regulation.

Swiss regulators have not updated their chemical regulation since the middle of the year. They have mainly focussed on the food safety and public health legislation which does not include any manganese-based substances. 

Africa (South Africa, Nigeria…)

Due to the fragmented environmental legislation in many African countries, there have been difficulties implementing the legislation(s). Currently, efforts are being made to strengthen environmental legislation in southern African countries, including South Africa. The project ‘Management of Chemicals in English-speaking African Countries’ was recently initiated, aiming to improve the implementation of international environmental agreements. This 2-year project concerns English-speaking African countries served by the Africa Institute (AI) and is funded by the Swedish Chemical Agency (KemI). The project aims to strengthen control and management of the movement of chemicals across these countries. It is hoped that the project will reduce the hazards posed by chemicals in domestic, agricultural and industrial situations and enhance the implementation of the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals.

Efforts are also being made by industry groups to improve chemical safety in South Africa, and other African countries. The focus is on a harmonised system of classification and labelling.


Metal and metal-containing compounds are considered differently than the individual substances present on the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) reporting list. Manganese and its compounds are present in the NPI list, which requires that data on sources and source locations, volumes and emissions to air, land and water must be reported annually. The data from the reporting is stored and can be accessed by the public and used by academics, researchers, the media and others.

A recent Australian Government publication (Australian Government 2011) released guidance on how emissions should be reported. 


For more info contact: ohes@manganese.org




IMnI New Monthly Market Research Report & Online Database

2011 Dec 12

IMnI’s new Monthly Market Research Report and Online Database are now available on our website. These new tools are the result of 1 ½ years of dedication and hard work by the Statistics Committee, under the leadership of Branislav Klocok of Vale, and by Market Analyst, Mark Camaj. They deserve thanks and congratulations.

So what has changed?

  • Frequency – the report will now be monthly, rather than quarterly.
  • Groupings – have been changed to match those of the World Steel Association.
  • Online platform – tables in the report are grouped regionally to make the report more compact. Each table has a link to the country data from the database (where data can easily be extracted in CSV, XLS, XLSX).
  • New data – IMnI has included Metal Bulletin Research steel capacity data, MySteel China steel inventory data, CRU Mn prices and UBS steel prices to give more depth to the report.
  • Personal Queries – you can query multiples data types from the database. A shortcut link is included if you want to save them to run the query again in future.
  • Online graph – you generate a graph to better visualize the data, comparing up to 4 countries.

Here are the links to the tools:

IMnI's 3rd Health & Safety Workshop

2011 Dec 01

As part of the IMnI’s ongoing campaign to raise the bar on health and safety in our industry, we are proud to announce our 3rd Safety Workshop. The Workshop will take place in Johannesburg, February 28 – March 2, 2012. Jointly hosted by Ore & Metal Company and Samancor Mn, it will largely focus on health issues.


To download the draft program and registration form, please click here

Occupational Exposure Limits for Mn & Mn Compounds

2011 Dec 01

A database listing 113 Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs), enforced in 20 countries, for Mn & Mn compounds is now available to IMnI members on our website (www.manganese.org).   A review of the available regulatory limits highlights the different types of OELs (inhalable, respirable, total, etc.) that exist and the extrem  variation in limits (0.1 – 5mg/m3) across the globe.


To access the database click here

IMnI to participate at IFAPA’s International Summit FAI 2011 on September 18-20 in Goa

2011 Aug 02

IMnI will be participating in the Indian’s Ferroalloy Producers Association (IFAPA) Conference, which will take place in Goa on September 18-20, 2011. Secretary General Anne Tremblay will be presenting a paper on IMnI’s ambitious Occupational, Health and Safety (OHES) 5-Yr Plan and its importance to the sustainability of the Mn industry. In addition, IMnI’s India Representative Shweta Dharia will be giving a presentation titled, “Global Manganese 2011”. The two will also take the opportunity to meet with as many India members as possible, all of whom will be on hand. IMnI is pleased to be part of this important event.


Please visit the conference website for further details: www.fai2011.com

News On Worldwide Regulations Affecting Manganese

2011 Jul 20


ASIA (China, Japan, S. Korea & India)

On the 19th Jan 2010, the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) of China published a new REACH-like regulation called “Measures on Environmental Administration of New Chemical Substances".  It came into force on 15 Oct 2010 and focused exclusively on new chemicals, meaning chemicals not yet on the Inventory of existing chemical substances produced or imported into China.  Manganese and Manganese-based substances are not considered “new”. However, since 2010, China has been actively reviewing its existing chemical regulations and on the 11th of March 2011, the State Council of China published a revised version of its “Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals”. In the revised regulations, there is the possibility that existing chemicals might also be subject to registration if they are considered hazardous.

The Global Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification & Labelling of chemicals was implemented in Japan on December 1, 2006. The regulation, driven by the Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL) specified different classification and labelling (C&L) deadlines. The C&L deadline for mixtures/preparations containing <1% of any substance in the harmful substances inventory (totalling 640 substances) was January 1, 2011.  Mn and Mn based substances are not part of the specified 640 substances. Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) specified the requirements for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to be compliant with the GHS earlier this year. This affects the Mn and Mn-based substances considered as hazardous.


North America (Mexico, Canada, USA)

There has been no news on the regulatory front from Health Canada or the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since the beginning of the year. However, EPA is currently carrying out collaborative research on manganese air levels and its health effects.

On  June 4, 2011, Mexico became the first North American country to adopt legislation that allows companies to use the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labelling, on a voluntary basis. By implementing the GHS companies will not only be complying with the existing mandatory legislation for C&L and safety data sheets in the workplace, but also meeting the GHS requirements of countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. The new legislation was introduced at the request of the National Association for the Chemical Industry in Mexico. 


European Union (All 27 countries)

In the first quarter of 2011, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) published information from the submitted registration dossiers on the internet via what they call a dissemination portal.  Several guidance documents also have been published. Of interest to the Mn industry is the guidance on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for alloys/special preparations. The legal text governing REACH is currently under review; ECHA has invited registrants and potential registrants to send in proposed amendments.

The EU GHS (Global Harmonized System of Classification & Labelling) called the Classification Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation is currently being reviewed by member states and stakeholders. The review is focused on the inorganic/metal environmental classification aspect of this regulation.


Other Europe (Turkey, Switzerland)

Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry implemented a REACH-like regulation called the “Regulation on Inventory and Control of Chemicals”, which came into force in December 2009 and was amended on the 23rd of May 2010. With a scope similar to EU REACH and with data requirements following a tiered approach, the first deadline of 31st March, 2011 (deadline for the substances that are manufactured or imported prior to January 1, 2010) although extended, met many manufacturers and importers unprepared.

Switzerland, on February 1, 2009 moved toward REACH implementation with the partial revision of the Swiss Chemicals Ordinance (ChemO, RS 813.11), but only for new substances placed on the Swiss market in quantities over 1m tonnes/year. No changes to this regulation this year.


Africa (South Africa, Nigeria….)

In March 2011 Enhesa, a regulatory consultancy firm in Belgium, organised a webinar on the explosion of EHS regulations throughout Africa. It revealed that countries such as Botswana and Kenya lack regulations and enforcement, while Ghana and Morocco have regulations but little enforcement. South Africa has the strongest regulation and enforcement capabilities amongst African countries; Algeria and Nigeria are not far behind. 

The webinar also highlighted the major trends in the environmental, health and safety and products areas and concluded that countries in Africa will continue to take the first steps to implement GHS. Economic growth will continue throughout Africa providing opportunities for companies to expand and move operations into Africa. A company can expect African countries to strengthen EHS regulatory frameworks, which will differ from the typical U.S. and European approach.



All manufacturers and importers of chemicals for commercial purposes must register with the National Industrial Chemicals Notification Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) regardless of the tonnage. In Australia there is also a system of notification of industrial chemicals. However, for a substance to be eligible for registration or notification, it should not be listed in the Australian Inventory Chemical Substances (AICS).  Mn and Mn-based substances are not listed in the inventory mainly because they are not yet considered as chemicals in Australia. However, In January 2011 this regulation was adjusted to incorporate nanomaterials which could include Mn and Mn-based substances if they meet the definition of nanoparticles.

In May 2011, ECHA met with NICNAS and signed a memorandum of a shared commitment to improve chemical safety. The aim is to strengthen the scientific dialogue between the European Union and Australia and to increase co-operation on technical matters and other issues of common interest, including the hazards and emerging risks of chemical substances, risk management tools, scientific collaboration and information exchange. 

IMnI's 2nd Safety Workshop - Executive Summary

2011 Jul 04

An Executive Summary of the Best Practices Shared


In 2009 the IMnI’s OHES Committee, with the support of the IMnI Board, agreed to launch a series of best practice-safety workshops with the aim of raising the bar on industry workers’ safety. The first workshop took place in the fall of 2010 at BHP Billiton’s TEMCO plant in Tasmania, Australia. The 2nd, sponsored by Eramet and held on May 2-3 at Eramet’s plant in Kvinesdal, Norway was a resounding success. Over 20 delegates representing 9 different countries participated in the workshop. The theme: Liquid Metal Hazards and Water Risk in Engineering Processes.

The Workshop

Day 1: Tour of Eramet’s Kvinesdal alloy plant. Here, details on how the plant maximises safety, were showcased with 3 unique take home messages:

a) A clean and organised working environment improves workers’ safety

b) Energy used can be reused effectively – a financial and environmental benefit

c) Water used should be recycled when and where possible

Day 2: Eight presentations highlighting engineering and occupational health procedures sure to improve on safety

The workshop closed with a discussion session on the above mentioned theme with a focus on engineering process and occupational health. It is clear that the information shared and the topics discussed are crucial to the safety of the industry’s workers and certainly, participants gained new and invaluable knowledge on liquid metal, its characteristics and the hazards it poses from the standpoint of occupational health, safety and engineering. 

Major Points Raised during Discussion:

  • There should be a change of direction on safety: move from reliance on BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) to MTO (Man, Technology and Organisation). The interactions between these MTO activities are vital as man can cause accidents, but can also prevent errors.
  • The key is to prevent accidents and, if they occur, to minimise consequences. Hence barriers, physical, operational and, organisational should be put in place.
  • Understand the basic physico-chemical characteristics of water and molten metal - a perfect combination for explosions.
  • Risks in electric feed, raw materials, water cooling and poisonous gases should be understood.
  • Increase the number of safety barriers, such as furnace containment pits, water leakage detection system, BURKER-type optical device that measures changes to water flow in the circuit (hence a possible leak), the use of Nitrogen gas regulatory system to detect cooling water levels, inspection by shift operators, relining of the furnace, H2 analysis…
  • How to react and respond to an incident: process changes, training, PPE improvements, limit the number of people in high risk areas of the plant...
  • Video type training was encouraged as it became clear that many workers could not read &so did not understand their safety instructions.
  • Safety statistics showed that workers who get hurt will likely get hurt again, and hence should be target subjects for training or if diagnosed to be clumsy should be re-allocated to other tasks.
  • An industry safety index was proposed to allow benchmarking between member companies and industry.
For more information or Presentations, please click here: IMnI's 2nd Safety Workshop, Eramet Kvinesdal

IMnI held its 37th Annual Conference on May 24-26 on Jeju, S. Korea - Presentations are now available

2011 Jun 07

IMnI hosted its 37th Annual Conference on Jeju Island, South Korea from 24-26 May. The event did not disappoint. With 160 delegates in attendance and an excellent line-up of speakers it lived up to its standing as the premier Mn-dedicated global event.

All 16 presentations are now available on IMnI’s website. You can download them in both English and Chinese by following this link: Presentations - 37th Annual Conference Jeju

If you have any questions regarding past of future events, please contact us at: events@manganese.org

A Proposed Reference Method for Measuring Mn Exposure in the Workplace

2011 May 17

Methods for measuring occupational exposure vary across the globe for several reasons including regulatory compliance. The IMnI, with the help of the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), Edinburgh, UK, have developed a harmonized reference method for measuring Mn exposure in the workplace. This method can be used in those countries without a regulatory requirement and in those countries that have a regulatory requirement, it can be used alongside the mandatory method. The universal use of this proposed method will provide greater confidence and security for comparing workers’ Mn exposure between sites, companies and countries. It will also help to identify best practices in operational procedures and risk management.

For your free copy please click here.

IMnI China Banquet held at MB’s 12th Asian FA Conference in Hong Kong

2011 Apr 01

IMnI’s Annual China Banquet Dinner took place during Metal Bulletin’s 12th Asian Ferro-Alloys Conference on Monday, March 28.

It was hosted by IMnI ore-producing members: BHP Billiton, Consolidated Minerals, Minera Autlan, OM Holdings, Ore and Metal (Assmang), United Manganese of Kalahari (UMK) and Vale, who were all present.

On this occasion, IMnI renewed its yearly tradition of bringing together ore producing members with Chinese members, so they can get to know each other better in an informal setting. It was a successful and enjoyable evening, with over 60 attendees.

IMnI 2nd Safety Workshop - May 2-3, 2011

2011 Jan 27

The IMnI 2nd Safety Workshop at Eramet’s Norway plant in Kvinesdal will take place on Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd.

Workshop sessions:

Monday, May 2: Site Tour of the Kvinesdal plant with specific attention to practical safety issues

Tuesday, May 3: Presentations on safety aspects focusing on molten metal and Water risks

IMnI 2011 Annual Conference will be held on May 24-26 on Jeju Island, South Korea

2011 Jan 27

The 37th Annual Conference will open on Tuesday, May 24 with a technical visit to Posco’s steel plant in Gwanyang and close on Thursday, May 26 with a Banquet Dinner at the Spirited Garden. Jeju Island is the location and the Shilla Hotel, the venue.

 Conference Sessions’ Themes:

Wednesday, May 25

Session 1: “World Economy: Cultural Drivers of Regional Development”

Session 2: “New Asian Demand”

Thursday, May 26

Session 3: “New Mn Projects – IMnI Best Presentation Award”

Session 4: “Manganese Alloy Industry: A Shifting Landscape”

For Registration kit and Program please visit here: AC Jeju 2011

Sign up today!


IMnI proposes a harmonised approach to the notification of substances under the Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation

2010 Dec 14

The regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging (CLP) of substances and mixtures, which implements the Global Harmonisation System (GHS) in the European Union (EU), entered into force on January 20, 2009. While December 1, 2010 is the deadline for the (re)classification of substances to CLP, January 3, 2011 is the deadline for the notification to the classification and labeling inventory of substances.

To assist in the harmonization of this (these) notification(s), IMnI has prepared proposed classifications in accordance with the CLP regulation No. 1272/2008 for Manganese and some inorganic manganese-based substances. The proposal is a result of an extensive literature review, read-across and/or testing. See proposed list below:

1. Manganese_CLP Notification

2. Manganese carbonate_CLP Notification

3. Manganese sulphate_CLP Notifcation

4. Manganese oxide_ CLP Notifcation

5. Manganese dioxide_CLP Notifcation

6. Sinter Ore_CLP Notification

7. Manganese sulphide_CLP Notification

8. Slag, silicomanganese-Manuf’g_CLP Notifcation

9. Slags, ferromanganese-Manuf’g_CLP Notifcation

10. Trimanganese tetraoxide_CLP Notifcation

11. Manganese nitrate_CLP Notification

These files can be found on our website here: http://manganese.org/health_safety_and_environment/studies

A New Member for IMnI

2010 Dec 14

Minerais US LLC has applied for Affiliate Membership. A trading house, Minerais has appointed Chairman Thomas Mayrides as its representative at the IMnI.

Two More Companies Join the IMnI

2010 Nov 05

Simbol Materials has applied for Affiliate Membership. Based in Pleasanton, California, the privately owned company established in 2007 plans to produce Mn sulphate and EMD. President and CEO Luka Erceg will be representing Simbol at the IMnI.

Luxembourg-based trading house Luxalloys S.A. has applied for Affiliate Membership. The company, established in 2001 and part of the Fesil Group, has appointed Business Development Manager Mr. Parham Ghazi Saeedi as its representative to the IMnI.

All 10 REACH Dossiers Now Submitted to ECHA

2010 Jul 30

The REACH Mn Consortium Secretariat, along with the nominated lead registrants, has successfully submitted 10 full registration dossiers to the ECHA.

The next steps are:

  • Issue LoA and security token to consortium Members/Only Representatives (from end July)
  • Provide, for a fee, access to the dossier (LoA) to all other SIEF participants (from August)

Some points to note for companies intending to register a substance(s):

  • You, or your Only Rep, will need a letter of access (LoA) from the consortium for each legal entity registrant and for each substance.
  • The IUCLID security token has a validity of 30 days. If you do not use it during this period another token can be easily generated.
  • You have until 30 November 2010 to complete your REACH registration; however, we would recommend you do so before the end of September.
  • For ferroalloys, you will need to obtain the LoA from the Fe and Si consortia if you have not already joined the respective consortium.
  • Remember, your registration will be rejected by the ECHA if you do not pay its invoice on time.

Please visit the REACH Mn Consortium website for all relevant information: http://www.mn-consortium.org/

IMnI to Release 1st Members Directory

2010 Jul 02

IMnI will be releasing its first ever Members Directory. All members will be contacted shortly and asked to provide company information to be included in the directory. Once prepared, the directory will be available to all members through the IMnI website. We ask that all members reply to information requests as timely as possible so that we can post the directory soon.

IMnI Polls Annual Conference Delegates

2010 Jul 02

The IMnI is polling delegates of its 36th annual conference, which took place in Paris last month. Many of you may have already received an email directing you to the brief questionnaire on the Survey Monkey platform. We thank those of you who have taken the time to fill it out. If you attended the conference but have not yet filled out the questionnaire, we would greatly encourage you to do so. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help ensure that future conferences live up to your expectations.

If you attended the conference and would like to take the 1-2 minute survey, please follow this link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7JPMJ8H

IMnI Held Its Most Successful Conference To Date

2010 Jun 23

It was befitting that IMnI celebrated its 35th Anniversary in Paris with its largest turnout of delegates ever. There were 185 delegates in attendance for IMnI’s 36th Annual Conference, which took place from June 11 through 13. There were many key features that made the conference such a success.


Top-flight speakers…

Kirby Adams, CEO of Corus, Jim Lennon of Macquarie and Robert Ward of the Economist Intelligence Unit were only a few of the excellent speakers to give presentations. Robert Ward introduced the delegation to ‘CIVETS’, his list of countries to watch for future growth outside of the ‘BRIC’ countries. Jim Lennon gave an all-encompassing paper on Mn and Kirby Adams enlightened us on the future landscape of the steel industry. Among the other notable speakers were José Carlos Martins of Vale, Charles-Edouard Bouée of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Xin Yaoyuan of SMM Information & Technology Co. Ltd. A wide range of topics were covered including energy, shipping, health and safety and the Chinese domestic ore market. To see all presentations, please visit:



Changes in Leadership… 

After three fruitful years, Alastair Stalker stepped down as IMnI Chairman; he remains on the Board. The General Assembly approved Peter Toth, of OM Holdings, as his successor. Showing ambition right from the start, Peter has asked all IMnI committees to launch individual 5-Yr Plans to build on previous achievements and ensure the Institute continues to identify and meet the needs of its members. Paul Doetsch of BHP Billiton fills Alastair’s seat on the Executive Committee, joining Arnaud Tissidre of Eramet and the new Chairman Peter Toth.


New Committee Members…

  • EPD Division: Thomas Gluck, Baja Mining Corp.
  • OHES Committee: G.P. Kundargi, MOIL
  • Statistics Committee: Denny Sabah, Ronly Holdings Ltd.


Technical Tour…

Vale welcomed visitors to its HC FeMn plant in Dunkirk on Monday, June 14. Two presentations were given: one on the characteristics of the plant and the other on the freeze-lining technology recently installed. These were followed by a tour of the plant.  The day ended with a Vale hosted lunch. Both presentations can be found though the link given above.


Finally, IMnI extends its thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors…

IMnI would also like to thank its members companies that supported the event by sponsoring part of the social program. Thanks to Ronly Holdings for sponsoring our Welcome Cocktail, Minera Autlan for sponsoring Lunch on the first day, FerroAtlantica for sponsoring Lunch on the second day and to Eramet and Vale for sponsoring the Banquet Dinner at the Abbaye de Royaumont.

The IMnI would like to thank the two companies that took out exhibition stands at the event. They were Harlan Laboratories and Euroports / CTB Magemon. To learn more about what these exhibitors have to offer your company, please visit our industry partners and suppliers page by following this link:


A Model was Presented for Predicting Mn Toxicity to Aquatic Organisms

2010 May 31

A model for predicting Mn toxicity to aquatic organisms was presented at the recent Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting in Seville, Spain. The SETAC Europe annual meeting is Europe's biggest meeting on environmental toxicology and chemistry.

Co-author, the IMnI’s Dr Keven Harlow, explains that Biotic Ligand Models (BLMs), which are able to predict toxicity to organisms as a function of water chemistry, have been developed for several metals in recent years, and have been adopted for regulatory applications in some cases. These models are typically developed from laboratory tests and are validated against tests performed on natural water samples. This BLM can closely predict the observed Mn toxicity in natural waters.

To see poster of findings, click here 

Two Companies Apply for Membership

2010 May 22

Italian Trading House, Sineco Spa has applied for IMnI Affiliate Membership. A family-owned company based in Follo, Sineco has appointed Director Andrea Ghezzi to represent it at the IMnI.

Chinese SiMn producer Ningxia Tongji International Trade Co., Ltd. has applied for Ordinary Membership. Founded in 2004, this private company operates a plant in Inner Mongolia and has grown to be a major Mn alloy producer in the region with two new 31MVA furnaces built early this year. The company attended the Annual Conference in Dubai last year. Board Chairman Mr. Chen Tao has been appointed to represent Ningxia Tongji at the IMnI.


165 Delegates Now Registered for the Annual Conference

2010 May 19

With roughly three weeks to go, 165 delegates have already registered for our upcoming conference in Paris next month. This will be our biggest annual conference to date. Member companies that have already pledged to sponsor events are Eramet Comilog Manganese, VALE, Ronly Alloy Ltd, Ferroatlantica, S.L. and Compania Minera Autlan S.A.B de C.V.. Exhibitor stands have been booked by Euroports and Harlan, suppliers to the Mn industry.

To see the updated delegate list, program and other conference information, please visit our upcoming IMnI events page by clicking here: 36th Annual Conference 

Highlights of EPD Conference now available

2010 May 06

IMnI’s EPD partner Huacheng has created a webpage with full details of our 7th EPD Conference in Nanning, including summaries of each presentation. The Conference, which took place on March 23, was the best to date, with over 200 delegates in attendance and outstanding presentations.

To visit the webpage, please visit: http://www.hme01.com/hy/mnhyeng.html 

Over 130 Delegates have registered for the upcoming Annual Conference

2010 May 05

This year’s annual conference is only 5 weeks away and the delegation already stands at 131, much higher in comparison to our last two conferences at the same point in time. If the trend of registrations continues, we can expect over 180 in attendance.

Will you be joining us?


Find all conference information, including an updated list of delegates by clicking the link below:

IMnI’s 36th Annual Conference 2010 - Westin, Paris 

REACH Deadline Approaches

2010 May 03

Dr Keven Harlow, Mn REACH Consortium Manager, presented to the ferroalloy industry at the Metal Bulletin 25th International Ferroalloy conference in Monaco. Current progress with REACH and key steps for potential registrants were reviewed – the main message being that REACH is here and here to stay; you can’t ignore your obligations. To open presentation, please click here.


IMnI has released its 2009 Annual Review

2010 Apr 12

IMnI's latest Annual Review highlighting our industry in 2009 is now available at: http://www.manganese.org/about_imni/annual_reviews

Two Active Weeks in Asia

2010 Apr 03

The IMnI took part in four major events in the past couple of weeks.


On March 18, IMnI held its 2nd Indian Workshop in Raipur with its Indian members. Marketing & Communications Committee Chairman Brett Suann and Secretary General Anne Tremblay took part and Marketing & Communications Committee member Manish Sarda graciously hosted the event. Seven Indian member companies were represented. Full details of the proceedings will be in the next issue of Mn Matters.


On March 23, IMnI hosted its 7th EPD China Conference in Nanning in conjunction with its 4 China partners. With a delegation of over 210, it was the most successful EPD event to date and is now rightfully considered to be the premier global event for EPD. After an excellent line-up of presentations, the conference wrapped up with an interactive forum. All presentations will be available on our website soon, in both English and Chinese, at: EPD Presentations


On March 25, IMnI participated in Metal Bulletin’s 11th Asian Ferroalloy Conference. IMnI Secretary General chaired the manganese session. Manish Sarda, of Sarda Energy & Minerals, as well as Market Analyst Mark Camaj both gave presentations. They will be available soon at: MB Conference Presentations


On March 31, IMnI held a Safety Workshop at BHPB’s TEMCO Plant in Tasmania. The workshop focused on employee safety through the prevention of furnace explosions. Papers on the furnace leak detection technology developed by Siemens and used at TEMCO were presented and attendees were given a plant tour. There were 25 participants from IMnI member and potential member companies. Presentations will be available on our website by Tuesday April 6, at: TEMCO Presentations


IMnI Plans to Raise the Bar on Safety

2010 Mar 20

The International Manganese Institute (IMnI) plans to raise the bar on safety (notably that related to human health) and on environmental protection. To achieve this goal, the IMnI will be organizing safety workshops for its members and the manganese industry at large on a regular basis.

To launch the new series, IMnI is organizing a 2-day workshop at BHP Billiton’s TEMCO plant in Tasmania (Australia), this coming 30 and 31 March. The workshop will showcase TEMCO’s water-leak detection technology as well as other safety-driven technologies.

Statistically, furnaces accidents almost inevitably result in fatalities. Being able to view and understand first-hand the unique overall water leak strategy and Siemens water-leakage detection system installed in TEMCO’s Mn alloy furnaces are crucial for the industry.

Take advantage of this rare offer to learn, share knowledge and improve on safety in your plants. We invite you to register by contacting us at ohes@manganese.org.

For more information on the workshop, please contact IMnI’s OHES Manager Doreen McGough at ohes@manganese.org.

IMnI 2010 Annual Conference Reminder to register!

2010 Mar 18

IMnI's 2010 Annual Conference will be held in Paris at the Westin from Friday, June 11 to Sunday June 13, 2010. Sign up today!

For program and registration, please follow this link: AC 2010 


Copyright Paris Tourist Office - Photographe: Stéphane Querbes 

IMnI 2010 Annual Conference Theme & Program

2010 Feb 27

The 36th Annual Conference will open on Friday, June 11th with the Welcome Cocktail and close on Sunday, June 13th with a Banquet Dinner at Royamont Abbey.  Paris is the host city and the Westin Hotel, the venue.

As in the past few years, the IMnI Annual Conference (Paris, June 11-13) will be planned around two full mornings, each hosting two sessions. This is a popular schedule as it allows attendees to attend the sessions, while giving them plenty of time in the afternoons to plan their business meetings.

Conference Theme: “Where Are We in the History of Industrial Development?”

Session Themes:

Saturday, June 12

Session 1: “Where Are the Great Civilisations Today in the History of Industrial Development?”

Session 2: “Great Civilisations and Their Steel Industries”

Sunday: June 13

Session 3: “The Steel & Manganese Industries: Global Overviews”

Session 4: “Major Global Drivers of the Manganese Business”

Speakers Already Lined Up Include:

Kirby Adams, CEO of Corus

Roger Agnelli, CEO of Vale

Jim Lennon, Executive Director, Macquarie Research

Helen O’Malley, Senior Consultant, CRU Analysis

And more...

For program, please follow this link: Draft Program or visit IMnI's Upcoming Events page to see all conferences and related files.

Sign up today!


IMnI 2010 Annual Conference Registration

2010 Feb 18

IMnI’s 36th Annual Conference will be held in Paris, from Friday, June 11 through Sunday, June 13, 2010.  Optional technical tours are scheduled for Monday, June 14.

Registration information is now available on our website, please click here: IMnI's 36th Annual Conference

Note that:

·         Participation fees are subject to French VAT tax of 19.6%.  IMnI has signed a contract with EASYTAX to help non-French companies recover the VAT.  Documents to do this can be downloaded from our website.

·         The link to the hotel reservation website will be sent to you once you have registered for the conference.

For additional information about registration, please contact Valerie Brelière at events@manganese.org

7th IMnI China EPD Conference Approaches

2010 Feb 13

IMnI is hosting its 7th EPD Conference in Nanning, China on Tuesday, March 23, with the same 4 Chinese industry organizations it partnered with last year. We are expecting an equally successful event, with over 200 delegates in attendance.

For full program and registration please go to our Upcoming IMnI Events section.

Sign up today!

IMnI Creates Electronic Library

2010 Jan 30

There is a growing need to store and manage technical data at the IMnI, mainly for REACH obligations in the short term, but also for ongoing and longer-term OHES activities. Aiming to be a central repository for all Mn related publications, the IMnI and the Mn Consortium have set up an electronic library using the bibliographic software Reference Manager. This software is used by researchers worldwide and is regarded as the only reference management software with a true multi-user network.

IMnI has already referenced 1500 studies and the library continues to grow. In the ever-evolving global market where stringent regulatory requirements are increasingly coming to the fore in a growing number of countries, this tool will allow IMnI and Mn Consortium members to have access to references and related files anytime, anywhere.

Members will have access to the library by this coming March.

For further information, please contact OHES Manager Dr. Doreen McGough at ohes@manganese.org

First New Member for 2010

2010 Jan 16

Sinosteel Raw Materials Co. Ltd. has applied for Ordinary Membership. Established in 1988, the company now belongs to Chinese state-owned Sinosteel Corporation, abbreviated to Sinosteel.

As the subsidiary of Sinosteel, Sinosteel Raw Materials is currently in charge of the global marketing of products such as chrome ore, Mn ore, nickel ore, ferroalloy ferrochrome, ferronickel, silicomanganese, Electrolytic Mn, ferrosilicon, ferrovanadium, ferromolybdenum, ferroniobium, ferrotitanium and ferrotungsten, scrapHBI, pig iron, coke, coal, electrode and other carbon products, refractory raw materials, non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminium, lead, zinc and nickel plate) sand petroleum products, etc.

The company has appointed Managing Director, Mr. Yuanzhong Li to represent them at the IMnI.


Mn REACH Consortium Holding Annual General Assembly

2009 Dec 05

The Manganese REACH Consortium, Chaired by Antonio Salinas (FerroAtlantica) is holding its Annual General Assembly in Paris on Tuesday, December 8.  On the agenda:


  • REACH update and consortium progress;
  • Technical plan for 2010, including registration;
  • 2010 budget;
  • Progress of Fe and Si data access;
  • Consortium activities from 2011.

A summary of the minutes will be available on IMnI’s website by the end of the month.



IMnI Maintains High-Profile at Metal Bulletin's Ferroalloy Conference in Monaco

2009 Nov 20

IMnI was well-represented on the program of Metal Bulletin’s 25th Ferro-Alloys Conference held in Monaco, November 8-10. The Institute’s Chairman Alastair Stalker introduced and presided the opening session, entitled “International Steel and Ferro-Alloys Markets”. Panellists included Rod Beddows, CEO of Hatch Corporate Finance, and Keven Fowkes, Business Manager Steel & Ferroalloys at Integer – both well-known to IMnI members for having presented at our Annual Conferences.

Later in the day, Secretary General Anne Tremblay chaired a session dedicated to “Manganese Ore & Ferro-Mn”. Speakers on the panel included Helen O’Malley, Senior Consultant of CRU Analysis, Manish Sarda, Commercial Director of Sarda Energy & Minerals and member of our M&C Committee, and Keven Harlow, Manager of the Mn REACH Consortium.


IMnI Board Meets in Monaco

2009 Nov 20

The IMnI Board met for its third and final meeting of the year in Monte-Carlo last week. Major announcements made and decisions taken during the meeting included:

  • Peter Allen (ConsMin Trade) stepped down as Chairman of the Marketing & Communications (M&C) Committee. He will be replaced by Brett Suann, formerly of BHP Billiton and recently recruited by ConsMin Trade.
  • The results of the first phase of the IMnI’s Life Cycle Assessment for Environmental Performance will be presented at next year’s February Board meeting. This project led by BHP Billiton, involves providing a first set of metrics on energy consumption in all smelters operated by the 6 participating companies: BHP Billiton, Eramet, Ferroatlantica, OM Holdings, Ore & Metal and Vale.
  • Plans are underway to hire an India representative. The job description and candidate profile will be developed by the Marketing & Communications Committee and the Secretary General, before being vetted by the Executive Committee.
  • A safety workshop will be held at BHP Billiton’s TEMCO alloy plant in Tasmania during the 1st half of 2010. The plant boasts a new, cutting-edge technology for detecting water leakage in furnaces. The 2-day workshop will also feature presentations on other safety issues, to be made by participating companies.
  • The IMnI’s newly redesigned website presented to the Board is increasingly user-friendly, with the market research area now housing a database query facility. 
  •  The 7th EPD China Conference will take place at the end of March 2010, in Nanning. 
  •  The IMnI Draft Budget for 2010 was approved.


IMnI Website Redesign

2009 Nov 06

The IMnI is proud to announce its re-designed website. The overarching aim of the redesign is to offer members a user-friendly platform with easy access to all of our services and constant updates that attract regular visits.  The website also intends to portray clearly to visitors IMnIs mission and objectives.

On the IMnI homepage, there are two key features of the website. On the left-hand side of the page is a box named Latest Releases, this shows the last five reports or publications, and includes a link at the bottom, which goes to a list of all IMnIs releases. Latest Releases includes:

  • Mn Matters Newsletters
  • China Weekly Reports
  • Market Research Reports
  • Monthly Trade Reports
  • Extra Reports (including a new monthly Steel Production Report)

In addition, on the right-hand side of the homepage is an IMnI News box. This displays the last five IMnI related news articles. These articles include updates on new members, pertinent news about past or upcoming conferences, as well as other IMnI activities. Visitors can also select the link at the bottom to see all news.

We truly hope you enjoy using the new website, find it a more valuable tool and a worthy representative of your industry association. Any feedback on the site, and suggestions for improvement, are most welcome.


Two New Members

2009 Nov 06

IMnI’s Board has accepted two applications for membership this month, one affiliate member from Canada, Baja Mining Corp, and an ordinary member from India, Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese. IMnI would like to welcome them both to the Institute. The additions bring total membership to 85. Below are brief descriptions of our new member companies.

  • Canadian prospector Baja Mining Corp. engages in the exploration and development of mineral properties in Mexico. It holds interest in the El Boleo copper-cobalt-zinc-manganese deposit located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Boleo Project consists of 12,000 hectares of mineral concessions and 7,000 hectares of surface occupancy rights. It is headquartered in Vancouver.
  • Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Limited’s, a producer of SiMn, is a public limited company established in 1990 and headquartered in Coimbatore, in India’s Talminadu District.  Indsil has an associate company named Indsil Energy & Electrochemicals Limited based in Raipur (Chattisgarh State), which also produces SiMn.


Two More Members

2009 Oct 19

An additional two companies have joined the IMnI since the last issue of Manganese Matters (released on Sept. 25).

They are:

  • Rusmetali Ltd., a Georgian SiMn producer, comes in as an Ordinary Member. Based in Rustavi, Rusmetali is a private company and was established in 2005. General Director Mr. Temur Miminoshvili has been appointed as the companys representative to the IMnI
  • Erdos Xijin Kuangye Co. Ltd. has taken out Ordinary Membership. (Not to be confused with Erdos EJM, the joint venture between Mitsui and JFE.) Erdos Xijin Kuangye Co. Ltd. only recently started production (HC FeMn & SiMn). A private company established in May 2005 and based in Ordos City (Inner Mongolia), ERDOS XIJIN KUANGYE will be represented at IMnI by Mn Purchasing Manager Zhou Xiafeng.

The company had announced its decision to join at IMnIs Ore & Alloy Banquet in Xian last month. 

Total IMnI membership now stands at 83.


Manganese Health Research Program Showcase Conference

2009 Aug 14

The Manganese Health Research Program (MHRP), an IMnI-driven 5 year research program totalling over $5M US, and designed to better understand the effects of Mn on human health and fill in knowledge gaps, is coming to completion.  By the time the MHRP comes to an end on January 31, 2010, it will have generated 17 separate studies, involving a total of over 100 scientists from the USA, Europe, Russia and China. 


The MHRP Showcase Conference held outside Washington, D.C, at the end of June, showcased the results of many of the studies.

The research presentations were closely followed by a panel discussion of experts (from academia, regulatory bodies and industry), with the aim of proposing new directions for Mn research. 


Professor Len Levy, Consultant to the IMnI, and Dr Doreen McGough, IMnIs OHES Manager, are currently writing an overview of the MHRP with two distinct aims:

1.                               Highlight outcomes of those projects of short-term relevance to industry;

2.                               Propose future directions for Mn research.


Their overview will be made available to members in the second week of September.




2009 Jun 15

New Board Member & Vice-Chairman chosen…


Peter Toth, CEO of OM Holdings, has been nominated to the IMnIs Board and named as a Vice-Chairman. This is Peters second time on the IMnI Board. Previously he served as John Raubenheimers second, when John was IMnI Chairman and while they both worked for BHP Billiton. We expect Peters contributions will have a positive impact for the IMnI and we welcome him aboard.


IMnI Chairman stays on…


Due to the unfortunate and unforeseen tragedy involving Marco Mendonça, who had been chosen to take over as IMnI Chairman at the conference, current Chairman Alastair Stalker has agreed to stay on for an undefined period of time (not to exceed one year) until a suitable replacement is chosen. We thank Alastair for his continued leadership; Alastair has served as IMnI Chairman for the past two years.


Presentations were extremely well received…


Delegates expressed their satisfaction with the speakers and their presentations. A few noteworthy speakers were David Rhodes of Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) covering the world economy, Patrick McCormick of World Steel Dynamics (WSD) looking at the outlook for the steel industry and Dominique Courné of Barry Rogliano Salles (BRS) presenting on the shipping industry and its effects on commodities. Many other great papers were given; please follow this link to retrieve all papers in both English and Chinese: IMnI 2009 AC Dubai Presentations


The delegation was much larger than expected…


Due to the economic recession and subsequent cost cutting on travel by firms across the globe, uncertainty about attendance loomed. Fortunately delegates recognized the importance of the conference and supported it in numbers. There were 120 delegates in attendance. To see the delegate list please follow this link: IMnI 2009 AC Dubai Delegate List


Finally, IMnI extends its thanks to our Exhibitors and Sponsors…


The IMnI would like to thank the three companies which took out exhibition stands at the event. They were two industry suppliers, Promtechnologii and Hatch, as well as IMnI member Simpac. To learn more about what these exhibitors have to offer your company, please visit our industry partners and suppliers page by following this link: Mn Industry Partners and Suppliers Page


IMnI would also like to thank its members companies that supported the event by sponsoring part of the social program. Thanks to Mogale Alloys (Pty) Ltd for sponsoring our Welcome Cocktail, Vale for sponsoring Lunch on the first day, Oreport (Pty) Ltd for sponsoring Lunch on the second day and to AML for sponsoring the Safari Outing and Desert Dinner.


IMnI 6th Annual EPD China Conference & Forum

2009 Apr 17

Sunday, March 29th, 2009 Guangzhou, China


The Electrolytic Products Division (EPD) hosted its 6th EPD China Conference in Guangzhou on March 29th. The one day conference saw the collaboration of the IMnI and 4 major partners from China, including Huacheng Metals Exchange (HME), the National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Metal, the National Manganese Industry Technology Committee and the newly created National Friendship Association of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide. The Event didn't upset expectations, with an estimated 140 delegates in attendance and outstanding papers from expert speakers. It truly was the major international event for Electrolytic Manganese Products in 2009. To see the presentations, please click here.



2009 Jan 15

The Board of the IMnI has nominated another new Board Member, following the recent appointment of James Choi from Simpac. New Board Member, Sergiy Maxymenko (Privat Intertrading) will be representing the Ukrainian Ferroalloys and Other Electrometallurgy Products Manufacturers (UKrFA), an association of Mn plants with Mn alloy capacities well over 1 million mtpy. This includes the Nikopol Mn alloy plant, the largest in the world. The IMnI is confident that Sergiy will play an integral part in further improving the Institutes knowledge of the Ukraine and its surrounding region.


Manganese Sustainability workshop

2009 Jan 15

The OHES Committee has enlisted the help of Hatch Consultancy to help build a Manganese Sustainability Strategy for the IMnI. Hatch will feedback the findings from their benchmarking survey and regulatory review and will facilitate strategy development during the workshop.

IMnI members are invited to help build the Manganese Sustainability Strategy for the International Manganese Institute by participating in the workshop.


Draft program and registration form are available at: http://www.manganese.org/index.php


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