IMnI 2008 5th EPD Conference Presentations  May 21, 2008

New Development at the IMnI - Anne Tremblay, IMnI Secretary General
Review and Prospect of China EMM Industry in 2007 - Tan Zhuzhong, Chairman of the National Friendship Association of Mn Metal Factory
The EMD Market Review & Forecast - Li Tongqing, Citic Dameng, Senior Engineer
A Mn Ore Overview - Mark Camaj, IMnI Market Analyst
Current Trends Affecting EMM Cost Drivers - Chen Degeng, Xiangxi Mn Industry Association, President
The SS 200 Market - Prof. Yang Changqiang, Stainless Steel Committee of China Special Steel Association
Not available
Cleaner Production Initiatives in the ElMn Industry - Dr. Duan Ning, Deputy President CRAES, Director of China National Cleaner Production Center
Pushing Forward the Sustainable Development of Mn Industry - Lu Xinyuan, SEPA, Dept. of Environmental Enforcement & Inspection, Director General
Mn REACH Consortium - Anne Tremblay, IMnI Secretary General
Challenges of the EMD Industry - Representative from Tosoh Croporation


Outside of its own presentations, the IMnI does not accept any responsibility for information, views or opinions contained in the papers given at the 5th EPD China Conference, which are solely those of the speakers.