IMnI 2007 Mn REACH Workshop    October 10, 2007


The Global Harmonization System (GHS): Introduction and Implementation - Hugo Waeterschoot, Secretary General, European Nickel Industry Association
REACH Overview - Dr. Janet Lynne Asherson, Head of Health and Safety, Confederation of British Industry
What REACH Requires Your Company To Do - Dr. Patricia Koundakjian, IMnI REACH Consultant
Introduction to the Mn REACH Consortium - Anne Tremblay, Secretary General, IMnI
The Mn REACH Consortium Agreement - Cyril Jacquet, Associate, Keller & Heckman LLP
The Mn Consortium Cost-Sharing Model - Mark Camaj, IMnI Market Analyst
Mn Consortium Management: How Things Get Done - Dr. Patricia Koundakjian, IMnI REACH Consultant and Dr. Derek Knight, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Safepharm Laboratories