IMnI 2007 Ore & Alloy Conference Presentations  March 29, 2007


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New Development at the IMnI - Anne Tremblay, IMnI Secretary General
Mn Ore & Alloy Production: A Global Overview - Mark Camaj, IMnI Market Analyst
Chinese Steel Industry - Dong Zhihong, Deputy-Director Marketing Dept, China Steel Industry Association
Impact of Chinese Steel Growth on the Mn World Industry - Arnaud Tissidre, Commercial Vice President, Ore & Alloys, Eramet Mn
Chinese Mn Ore & Alloy Market - Pan Guohu, General Manager, Asian Metal
REACH - Catherine Tissot-Colle, Executive Vice-President Communications & Sustainable Development, Eramet (Chair OHES)
Chinese Macro Control Policies: Impact on the Mn Ferroalloy Industry - Jia Yinsong, Director, NDRC (National Development & Reform Commission)
How increased Power Costs Will Affect the Industry - Chen Bin, General Manager, Shanghai Jinneng International
Environmental Purge Leading to Plant Closures: Effects on China's Alloy Production - Lu Xin Yuan, Director, SEPA
The Future of the Japanese Alloy Industry: current situation and joint-venture in China; developing relationship with China; etc - Kunihira Kitamura, Secretary General, Japan Ferroalloy Industry Association (JFA) Not available
Anti-Dumping: An Overview - Song Li-Wei, Avocat à la Cur, Gide Loyrette Nouel, Shanghai Office
Chinese Mn Industry & Its Development Trend - Yan Wangsheng, Deputy Director, National Committee of Technology   English
Chinese Alloy Exports - Wang Feng, Executive Director, Minmetals