IMnI 2007 EPD Conference Presentations  March 30, 2007


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New Development at the IMnI - Anne Tremblay, IMnI Secretary General
The EMD Market Review & Forecast - Li Tongqing, Citic Dameng
Challenges for the EMD Industry - Pietro Amico, CEO, Guangxi Eramet Comilog Chemicals
The Electrolytic Mn Metal Industry in China - Tan Zhuzhong, Chairman of the National Friendship Association of Mn Metal Factory
A Mn Ore Overview - Mark Camaj, IMnI Market Analyst
The EMM Export Market - Zen Zhengmao, Tycoon Company
The SS 200 Market - Li Long, China Metals Association (Stainless Steel Division)
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The Selenium Story: Review of Selenium in EMM- Karen Hagelstein, Senior Environmental Scientist, TIMES Limites
Environment, Health, Safety Screening Audit Framework - Greg Beyers, Environmental Scientist, Ajubatus Environmental Management
REACH and How It Will Affect Mn Imports to the EU - Catherine Tissot-Colle, Executive Vice-President Communications & Sustainable Development, Eramet (OHES Committee Chair)
Mn Industry Development in Guangxi - Li Weijian, Guangxi Dameng
The Battery Industry - Wang Jingzhong, Chinese Battery Industry Association   English
EMM Market Trend - Li Pu, General Manager, Huacheng Nonferrous Metals Exchange of Shanghai
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